the little things

My darling son suffers from food allergies.  We have to take certain precautions with him until he is completely healed, or outgrows this.  Recently, someone exposed him to an allergen. He was covered in hives, nauseous, and swelling.  One small act led us to the emergency room, and almost cost us his life.

Somehow this situation led me to think about the many decisions we make in our daily lives.  We often forget that the little things affect every area of not just our own lives, but those of our children…

“One little lie won’t matter” “One little email to that married coworker won’t mean anything” “One missed workout isn’t a big deal” “One little sip of this drink won’t hurt”  Do you get the idea? One little thing can turn into one BIG deal.

Have you been stuck in a pattern that hasn’t led you any closer to your goals? Are the same situations creeping up, and interrupting your dreams? Do you find yourself engaging in the same frustrating, dead-end conversations with your spouse,  children, or coworkers? I hope that you will take a look at the small things in your life, and ask yourself which, if any, need to change or get eliminated.

One little change could make a BIG difference in your life.

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