My heart has been broken by recent events.  It seems as if a new predator is revealed every week. I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with it!

I often wonder how anyone could not appreciate, cherish, and protect the innocence of a child.  Some think that my husband and I are ridiculously, overly protective, but I believe that we cannot afford to not be vigilant. A child is only innocent once. We only get one shot at this. Everything that we say or do becomes etched into the fiber of the person a child grows up to be. I therefore believe that we should try to demonstrate the characteristics that are in their best interests, and keep them away from negative or potentially harmful situations. I wouldn’t dare say that my husband and I have already mastered this, but we give it our best shot everyday.

“You can tell Mommy and Daddy everything; never let anyone make you think that you can’t.” What do you tell your kids? Do they know that you are ready and willing to hear, love, serve and protect them? How can we best communicate this? How young is too young to teach about safe touching, appropriate behavior, good adults, bad adults, etc?  We started these discussions in our household at a very young age.  How have you tackled this? What safety measures do you have in place? How do you reassure your children that no adult has the right to harm them?

My heart aches for the children and families who have been victimized by violence, deception, and sexual deviance. A child should be able to trust, explore, and enjoy the world around them. Instead, we are forced to teach them early in life that the world isn’t safe. We do not want our children to fear strangers or other adults, but we sadly cannot allow them to believe that everyone can be trusted. I am not sure if a child can really grasp that. I don’t know if most adults can.

Please take an inventory of the people you allow around your children, and maintain an open dialogue about what transpires from day to day.

“Don’t make it your child’s responsibility to reveal things to you. It’s your responsibility to know what is really going on in their lives.” –http://twitter.com/BraveKidsVoices


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