Ask & Accept the Help

We watched as 4 year old fingers gripped chalk and attempted to write words on the sidewalk.  This focused little scholar did not want assistance, but continued to grow agitated with the difficulty of writing certain words correctly.  My husband and I wanted to help,and  had the capacity to help, but the child continued to struggle, determined to conquer this task alone.

I have been juggling several irons in the fire lately, and I have not been able to complete several items in the manner in which I envisioned them. I have been frustrated and disappointed, and almost made major mistakes in my haste to complete certain projects.

I was reminded that I am not alone or without Help.  The Helper is standing by, and waiting for me to seek the wisdom I need. My Help can see the big picture, and knows already which items should have my immediate attention.  He knows how I can spend valuable time with my husband and child, and continue to successfully meet my demanding deadlines.

The Helper does not force Himself into our situations, but continues to standby, ever ready to step in when called.  When our child accepted that our guidance was needed, we displayed a much easier way of completing the task. Likewise, our Helper has insight that far exceeds our plans. When we open our hearts and wills to Him, He willingly gives us the wisdom that we need.

“Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come” Jeremiah 33:3

I am regrouping in a few areas, and continuing to seek direction in others. Thanks to my Help, I continue to receive confirmation of what I can do, and what He can do through me.


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