#B90Days Week 1

I completed my 1st week in the Bible in 90 Days Challenge.  Hooray!

It didn’t appear to be much of a challenge until the weekend. My normal downtime threatened to derail my willingness to read anything other than magazines, blogs, or the many fiction novels I’ve downloaded. I had to talk to myself a bit (I may do that on occasion, and I admit it :>), and decided that I could do this. It is only the 1st week, for crying out loud! The drama in Genesis was just as compelling as any of the novels I’d planned to read, so I decided to go for it.

A few of my random thoughts from the week:

  • I’ll bet that Eve wished that she’d just gone for the grapes instead.
  • It could not have been easy to be a wife back then… Can you imagine being Sarah? There is no way that you’d EVER catch me saying, “here, sleep with her.” Not a chance, buckaroo.
  • Jacob had a ridiculous amount of drama in his lifetime, didn’t he?  The wives had their share as well. Ridiculous! & I’ve always wondered how Rachel and Leah resolved their issues – – I don’t have a sister, but if I did and she conceived with my husband, she’d be a dead sister.
  • The children of Israel – God made you a promise, so what’s your problem? What a bunch of rebellious, ungrateful, murmuring, whiny babies! You asked for deliverance, help, food,etc, got it, and then complained that you had it. Genius! I know a few people who are like that today.
  • I can 100% guarantee you that I will never name any child of mine Bezalel or Oholiab…
  • The intricate details given to build the tabernacle, its contents, and even the vestments worn – YOWZA! Think about it: If God can give these specific instructions, can’t He also tell you how to successfully and correctly complete what you’re working on? Shall we try listening and trusting more that we complain?
I spoke to a few people today who were inspired to take the #B90Days challenge with me.  I hope that you are finding your own revelation, intriguing facts, random thoughts, or amusing oddities to help you keep going. Keep reading. The adventures get better everyday!

One thought on “#B90Days Week 1

  1. Great job staying caught up! I aorta struggled through the weekend. I’m at home during the week which makes it easier but on weekends we are always on the go. Great observations and so true about our first weeks reading.

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