#B90Days Week 2…FOCUS


My life has been so ridiculously demanding, and it doesn’t appear that it will slow down in the near future.   Distractions and disappointments have been at a record high, but I must maintain focus on my  goal.  Committing to the #B90Days Challenge requires that I rearrange my priorities, and even give up a few things.  Dare I say, this process is restoring a level of discipline that I allowed to fizzle out earlier this year…I now have to really weigh what I am doing with my time.  The usual hobbies have taken a backseat, and after only 2 weeks, I do not miss them at all.

I won’t delve into all of my thoughts from the past week; this Joyce Meyer quote pretty much sums everything up:

If you stay busy thinking about right things, the devil won’t be able to fill your mind with wrong things.

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