#B90Days…no gray

I have to start this post with a little rant: I originally had several paragraphs of thoughts from #b90days, but my draft became a casualty of the war between my iPhone and WordPress. Grrrr! It is pretty much impossible to recall and recreate all of the notes from the past few weeks, so I will have to give just these few…

Just keep reading… I had to give myself many pep talks for the past few weeks. It was a struggle to juggle all of the items on my “get it done or else lists” (LISTS, yes, I had more than one). There were a few days during which I missed #b90days deadlines, but a glorious, restful day would show up just in time to catch up. Just keep reading I would tell myself…

As someone who has grown up in church, it is easy to think that I have EVERYthing together. Isn’t it funny how dedicated time in the Word can whisper to you, “What about this area of your life? How about you get it together now?” Although my commitment to the reading schedule pulled me away from my normally scheduled posts, #b90days has challenged me to reinforce my dedication to live a 24/7 life for Him.

Most people think of the Old Testament as just the foundation, or foreshadow of the exciting and easy reading in the New Testament. Many may think that the great, meaty revelation is only found after we round the corner to Psalms or Proverbs.  I am enjoying the journey through the Old Testament, and discovering things I’ve never noticed before.  Have you noticed that the Old Testament repeats this pattern:

God speaks —> the people hear— >the people decide to do whatever they want to do —> the promised repercussions arrive — >the people wail, complain, beg for mercy — >God graciously gives mercy and help —> the people rejoice and praise Him –> God speaks —>…

This pattern is very much present today. Many do not cry out for God until they are in need. Or some believe that we can give parts of ourselves to Him, and keep goals, pastimes, ideas, relationships under our own control. We often fail to realize that He wants all of us, and can do so much more than we imagine when we give Him everything. Yes, everything. Have you ever found yourself caught in this insane cycle — distracted by everything but what is in the Word? I have.

The #b90days challenge wasn’t created to be a study program; the idea is that we just focus on reading the entire Bible. I’m sure that most would agree that you simply cannot help but study and yearn for more as you go through the challenge. At least that is my story. This isn’t just a book of history and poems; it is alive. It holds all of the answers that I seek, and if I allow myself to surrender completely to its truth, it can completely change my mood, my relationships, my life. It doesn’t have to be a struggle or a juggle, I can simply enjoy my time with Him, and trust that He will help me conquer my days. For some people, the struggle isn’t time or scheduling, but thoughts, feelings, goals. Yes, He wants those, too.

This song by Jonathan McReynolds has been on my playlist for the longest, and I recently started listening to it again. I believe that it applies to so many of us… We either want all of Him, or we don’t. We are either willing to give Him all of us, or we aren’t. I believe that it is time to FINALLY get rid of the gray areas and distractions in our lives, and really go after Him.

It is hard to imagine that we are well beyond the halfway point, but we are! If we made it this far, we can make it to the finish line (Go Group 1!)…October 8th will be here before we know it.

Just keep reading…


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