Oh, Good Grief…

There are days, months even, when I am free from the onslaught of pain.

Normally, there is only a dull, distant ache.

I can function with smiles, laughter, and all things normal.

Today was not such a  day.

It blindsided me, nearly crippling me with the raw, cruel reality of the enormous,  jagged hole in my heart.

My eyes could no longer hold back the sea water that washed over my face.

The lump in my throat grew, and threatened to explode.

The one who taught me how to read, pray, and love is gone.

I am here without my voice of reason and comfort.

I cannot see her smile, or hear her voice.

My mind is starting to forget her face.

My child will never know her embrace.

I am lost, but I must keep moving.

Move on I shall…until the next song, scent, or idea reminds me

I desperately miss my grandmother

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