Happy Taco Tuesday!

We instituted a tradition for Tuesdays in our house – a dinnertime taco making (and eating) fiesta.

We have to compensate for several allergies, so we tend to get creative with our taco fillings. Our Superkid isn’t a big fan of meat, so we can get away with using Boca vegan crumbles and/or vegetables. I am always looking for better and healthier ways to fill our tortillas.  We occasionally forgo the tortillas and just have naked tacos.  Of course, this leads to all kinds of giggles at the table. (Speaking of giggle triggering words, does anyone know when the laughter about bodily functions will cease? Apparently when you are school aged boy, the most random, inappropriate things are HILARIOUS! )

If you are starting a Taco Tuesday tradition with your family, feel free to use these tips:

5) If you happen to get a paper cut during the day, please do not volunteer to make the salsa.

4) Buy a tortilla maker!

3) If you decide to ignore #4, at least purchase fresh tortillas, and cook them.

2) Taco Tuesday is never a replacement for Spanish homework, even if your kid blurts out every Spanish word he has ever known.

1) I highly recommend that you do not introduce guacamole until your child is completely potty trained.


I am looking forward to sharing a great meal with my family tonight.  I hope that you have a great one planned at your house.

Here’s a great Taco Tuesday song to set the mood…




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