If it were possible to have a love affair with a day of the week, Friday would be my hunk of burning love. I LOVE FRIDAY! I love it so much, that I manage to never hold a grudge that it only shows up once a week, and quickly dissolves into Monday.

Friday means:

  • not sitting up with my Superkid to complete homework. (I must say this: I love and applaud teachers. I could never do the job without a strong drink and a straight jacket, so fistbump to all of you sober, sane, and dedicated educators of small children! Thanks so much for no Friday homework…so far)
  • not considering what to wear to work in the morning.
  • not packing lunches before bed
  • not dreading the schedule of the next morning

My Friday song proves that I am old-er-ish… My Superkid wanted to post his Friday song, so you’ll get 2 today. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the end of your week. Enjoy & embrace your Friday!

Ode to Friday

What Superkid likes



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