You Might be a Mom if…

You’re the first one out of bed in the morning, & the last one to go to sleep at night.

You’re the first one to prepare a meal, but the last one to eat.

You know that socks do not magically travel from the floor, to the laundry room, & back to the drawer.

You can find a missing toy, needed school project supplies, lost car keys, but you can’t find a hair clip for yourself to save your blessed soul.

You answer the same doggone questions 5 billion times before breakfast, and never lose your cool.

You intercept juice boxes on the playground & still manage to survive the mundane moments of the cubicle jungle (fistbump to all of the moms who are in the office, & haven’t put their coworkers into timeout yet!).

You can leap over sofa forts in a single bound, but need body armor to maneuver through the office parking garage.

You’d battle all of hell for your family, but cry like a girl during tough workouts (ok, I admit it–I totally do this, but my trainer is NUTS!).

If you manage the lives and needs of your spouse and children, & take great care of yourself without caffeine, you are indeed a supermom.

As for this mom, pass the Starbucks.


I am supergirl

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