Move it, Mama!

If you ever needed a kick in the pants, or simply a way to get your fitness mojo back, I highly recommend that you race on over to mamvation.

I am currently participating in a 2 week challenge with Bob Harper. Yes, THEEEEEEE Bob Harper!

Today was Day 1. It wasn’t that bad, but I have a feeling that I will hate him in the morning, or whenever the soreness starts.  I know that I will love him again when the results are in. During this challenge, I will have access to specific circuits, recipes, fitness journals, and more.  I sound like an infomercial, but I am truly excited to see some definition in some of the mommy areas…

Until then, bring on the jumps…squats (ugh)…and occasional tears — what can I say? I still cry like a girl when I workout.  2 words: grounded hamstring. One more word: ouch.

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