Unbelievable stuff …not quite part 2…

Most of the experiences in my life are very difficult for many people to believe.  “You saw WHAT?” “You visited WHERE?” “You tripped UP a flight of stairs?” I once thought that if things got any crazier, that one of my stories would end up on Lifetime.

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I originally clicked to publish part 2 last week, but time stopped. A precious life was violently, tragically stolen from  family and a host of friends and admirers. I had to edit, rethink…only I couldn’t think. I still have very few words.  I cannot continue with the story of the stuff without pausing to remember one of the people who consistently supported me through the stuff. When the solace of ministry turned into a place of false accusations and rejection, he remained friendly and supportive. I will never forget his kindness. He lived the actual life that many profess to lead. He was a person full of God’s love.  Gregory “Big Time” McDowell, it is impossible to forget you, just as it was impossible to meet you and not know that God loves us. My prayers are with his family as he is laid to rest.



My stories about my stuff can wait…



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