Really, Bob? Days 2 & 3

This will be short. Why? Because I am exhausted. Why? Because I am convinced that Bob Harper is trying to kill me.  Does he really think that my body was created to complete this number of reps? Really? Yes, really. I am clearly to blame for my misery; I signed up for this, and I somehow manage to keep pressing forward.

Yesterday we focused on quick core & upper body. It brought the ouch factor, but I pushed through.  Today brought the workout from hell. 1st, Bob named it the “5-minute workout (not really).” I guess this was his form of humor. Kettle Ball swings, Lunges, and High Knee Tucks.  Are you laughing yet? Don’t worry, I didn’t laugh either. Will I like the results? I am sure that I will.

Until I see the final results, I remain sore, but determined…




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