Back away, back!

I don’t know about you, but my back was the hardest area to tone up postpartum. I still believe that I had GOODYEAR written across my backside during pregnancy. I cannot prove it as I couldn’t see my back, and it probably didn’t fit into a camera’s frame anyway.  Enough with the self-deprecating blabbing; let’s talk about one of my least favorite exercises. Yes, it hurts. No, it isn’t fun. HOWEVER , yes, it works!

battle of the back bulge 

It will take time to build up the stamina that is required to complete 12 +reps, but I promise you it will be worth it. I hope that whatever exercise or weight management goals you set will be reached. If you find that you are  in need of an extra kick in the pants, pat on the back, or cheerleader squad, I encourage you  to connect with the moms of Mamavation.  There are groups of ladies of all sizes, backgrounds, fitness levels, and abilities.  We share the common bond of creating healthier lifestyles for our families, and we find that we can take one more step, push through one more rep, eat one less piece of Halloween candy (OK, I fell off the wagon on that one), and lean on each other along the road to fit, fabulous families.

I am elated that I forced myself to complete the Mamvation 2-week challenge with Bob Harper.  My goal was -12, and I cranked out -8.  Maybe I can sweet talk Mr Bring the Pain Bob into another 2 weeks? Hmmm… I set a specific goal for myself, and I didn’t quite reach it. That means I get to keep working. The hardest part of this work? Meal planning. This task gets even trickier around the holiday season.  Do you really expect for me to give up pumpkin pie or sweet potato casserole? I have my work cut out for me…  I will be on the hunt for sumptuous, healthy holiday dishes.  Do they exist? I have a rather extensive arsenal of menu items, but healthy holiday fare? hmm… Let the search begin…



One thought on “Back away, back!

  1. I’ve lost 40 lbs this year and while I hope to not gain weight this holiday season, I fully intend on enjoying every single thing! Thanksgiving happens once a year and I will not be making any healthier versions, just enjoying it, and moving on. I also plan on cranking up the exercise over the next few days as well 🙂

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