The Randomness of My Year – Last Dance for 2012

Here are a few of the  random sights and sounds from my year.

1) My theme songs for this year:

My Superkid also wanted to contribute to this post. This ridiculous song became one of his favorites. I still cringe when I hear the opening.  Caution: it easily becomes an earwig.

2) “& then I did it: I closed my eyes, & exhaled” 

I have been a Whitney fan since I was in elementary school. What an amazing gift she was! She sadly never realized how much she was loved, and  didn’t have the right people around to help her fight and overcome her insecurities and addiction.

3) Merger completed! I’m an AFTRA girl, and have been since my younger years as a Disney performer.  THE Merger meant so much to so many who are more active that I am, but I joined with their approval and applause for the outcome.

4) 2 words: SWEET BROWN! I really need to find this woman, and send a check for the many months of laughter she has provided to my life. 

5) The worship songs that I have been singing ALL YEAR:

6) PTRR!  It takes a special level of insanity to be willing run through the streets of Atlanta (HOTlanta, that is) on one of the hottest days of the year. My friends and I are on the extra special level. I ran for many loved ones who were warriors in the battle against cancer. It was an honor to run with their names laced through my shoes.


Greatest lesson of 2012: Anyone or anything that continues to deduct from your life, but does not add value, is a liability. Life is too short to live it depleted and stressed out. Live life full of love, purpose, and growth. Remove all nouns (people, places, things) which do not contribute to your continued peace, and move on.

This year has been full of highs and lows, laughter and longing, unexpected gain and loss. I am grateful to have such an amazing core group of friends and family to share my journey. My prayer for you is that you not only experience the joy that comes from undying love, but the sweet surrender that comes when you are completely at peace with all things in your life.

Final song for 2012? There hasn’t been a soul that could sing this song the way that she did, and I am sure that she’s giving the angels vocal instructions right now. Sing on, Donna!


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