What was I thinking?!?!

Running Wild

Running Wild with My New Shoes

If you combined the hazing from Mamavation, the daily squat challenge, my normal workouts, AND running, you would understand why it simply hurts to move on certain days. Today is not an exception.

Someone asked about my experiences with running, and I had to tell them that isn’t as easy as it looks in print or TV.

I do not like extreme weather. Running in extreme temperatures could very well be a sign of insanity.  Maybe I should get my head checked.  If you add my yearly pilgrimage to the Peacthree Road Race (it is held in HOTlanta, on July 4, for crying out loud!) and the run I just did (in 32 degrees), I might just be 2 cups of crazy, with a tablespoon of nuts.  This will be gross, so brace yourself… When I run Peachtree (last year I couldn’t really run. It was so hot, that all I could do was focus on not dying on live TV.), I have to deal with not overheating, pacing myself to not cross the finish line with the last group, not passing out from the many levels of body odor around (oh, it gets mighty fragrant), or not getting passed up by the 90 yr old lady. There are 70,000 people, water stations, crowds cheering, bands playing, and my personal favorite, delicious, divine EMT’s standing by.  That is just not the case when you are running alone, or with a crazed Great Dane, in the winter.  Your neighbors are either in bed, or watching you from the comfort of their heated homes.  No one comes out to ask if you need a drink. No one claps. Thankfully, there are no crowds, so they cannot witness the explosion of mucus that occurs. Yes, gross, but true.  I realize that it is a glory-less run, and I will not earn a t-shirt for all of my hard work.  I keep doing it anyway. Yep, that probably solidifies my spot on the level 3 insanity train.

Running isn’t a cheap sport.

Really, it isn’t.  People will tell you that it is; do not believe them. If you have ever been pregnant, and have the nice residual rack to prove it, you simply cannot use a cheap running bra. If you are running on pavement, you simply cannot throw on some random pair of tennis shoes.  You have to buy proper gear. NONE of the gear is cheap.  You can forgo purchasing a Garmin or Beats by Dre earphones, but the basic gear is mandatory for your long-term safety and comfort. I highly recommend getting your feet and stride evaluated at an actual running store.  They can advise the best shoes, and let you try some out.  The shoes will definitely cost more at a running store.  If price is a major factor, try the shoes at the store, make a note of the exact type, and try to find them cheaper online. Socks matter. Really, they do.  You’ll want materials that draw the sweat away in the summer, and layers that will not make you overheat in the winter. I haven’t found a cheap morsel out of any of this, have you?

Brown girls don’t run

To that notion I must shout, “that’s a big fat crock of BULL!” I’m beautifully blessed to be a brown girl, and I workout.  There have been a few “studies” floating around that certain ethnic groups do not exercise because they do not wish to mess up their hair.  I am sure that some women may feel this way, but I have to say that my experience is that most women are making the decision to value health and longevity over vanity. As far as the hair goes, my journey has been a long, arduous one.  I had to find the right methods and tools for my hair.  There were times when I had complete failures, and others were more successful.  I mostly utilized braids during the summer, and hair bands in the winter.  I found several ideas from the awesome ladies and new friends with Black Girls Run. One method doesn’t work for everyone; you have to find what works for the look that you desire.

& while we are talking about my hair…

I have to first say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive and vocal about my Mamavation application.  I will address a few of my favorite questions and comments here: Why didn’t you wait to do your video until after you’d showered and become presentable after your workout? I delayed making the application for so long because A) I’m a shy girl, and I truly dread stepping out to talk to those who do not know me; B) I also dreaded the inevitable snarky responses. Didn’t you see that your hair was falling out of the band, and that you were so sweaty? Umm, yes. This was done AFTER a workout. I was sweaty. My hair was a mess. I thought it would be rather ridiculous to dress up,  and present an image of one desiring to be a perfectionist versus from someone who desperately wants this opportunity to be their best, healthiest, fittest self.  There will be plenty of time to strut my stuff, and attempt to impress someone.  This was my sweaty, barefaced, messy hair, pure and real presentation of the mom who wants to be a Mamavation mom.  Chiiiiile, you’ve got to do better. (& yes, they wrote it exactly that way)  That’s precisely my point in applying, and working out.  I must do, be, feel, and get better.

Here’s to a better me in 2013! I hope that you will join me, and take your own steps to health and happiness this year.

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