#Mamavation Monday: Before the Reveal 1/21/13


Happy Monday!

I cannot believe that the big reveal is tomorrow! I have been hazed, interviewed, and stretched well beyond my comfort zone. There have been no complaints, even when my legs hurt so badly that I thought I’d need medical attention (jump squats, burpees, and feet of fire will do that to you). This was one of my busiest weeks yet, and there were ridiculous demands for my time and attention.  I made the time to workout and fulfill my fitness and health obligations. Why? Because I made the decision that I would do so no matter what. That decision, along with the crazy hazing exercises, and wise nutritional choices, brought my final number of pounds lost to 9.5. It isn’t all about the pounds. I am not motivated by weight, but the movement on the scale is a clear indicator that what we are doing is working.

My sincerest and deepest thanks go to Leah, Mark, Shelley, Shannon, Rachel, Stephanie, and the many others who made this campaign possible, and dare I say, perfect, for this moment in my life.  I am humbled and honored to find myself in the company of sisters who have vowed to keep working, laughing, and encouraging each other. Rebecca G, Lindsay, Rebecca R, Joanna, and Lilly, I send my heart and hugs to you.  This is only the beginning!

Would you like to see the final results of the Mamavation campaign live?  Join the party:

Monday, 1/21 at 8pm EST:Come join us to celebrate, chat fitness/health, and win prizes! bit.ly/ZNCvr8 .

Thanks again for your tweets, messages, and calls. I appreciate ALL of your support and feedback! XOXOXOXOXO – Jeanae


12 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: Before the Reveal 1/21/13

  1. I LOVE you Jeanae! I am so proud of your hard work and determination! You have inspired me to work harder and push through. Because if you can do it in a hotel after a LONG day, I can certainly do it while at home! Can’t wait to continue on this journey with you!

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