Borrowed Wings

My family and friends have experienced several tragic events, in close succession, over the past few months.  In most cases I have been able to bounce back, and not have a residue of grief. In other words, I experienced sadness, but quickly allowed my life to move on. Last week, this simply was not possible.  I received a phone call that shook me to my core, and instantly brought me to my knees.  A dear friend was rushing to a trauma hospital with a precious 1 year old baby girl.  The series of events that followed were all a blur, happened far too quickly, and resulted in burying a 1 year old. A ONE YEAR OLD!!!! I still cannot process it.

My life, schedule, demands, expectations, and obligations did not stop. My heart was broken, and my eyes overflowed, but life cruelly, or mercifully, pressed forward. There were moments when I was certain that I could not take another step, or manage to support my grieving friends. That was when I discovered the strength which came from the prayers and love of those around me.

I cannot find words to adequately thank them because the English language is far too limited. My faith never faltered, but my heart and strength were completely spent. I survived the darkest week of my life thanks to the love and prayers of 2 of the most courageous, loving, and hysterically funny women that I’ve ever met. I am so proud to call them my sisters, and honored to share my journey them. (Joanna & Rebecca, I love and appreciate you dearly!)

If you ever face hardship, and cannot find your own strength, I pray that you are blessed to know the love of friends. It can be difficult to open up your life to new relationships, especially if you have been burned too many times, or extended yourself to the wrong ones. But when you take the chance to allow your heart to welcome genuine friends, those who will love you through your weakness, correct you when you’re wrong, cheer you on when you succeed, and hold you up when you’re in need, then you will know what it is like to soar on the borrowed wings of earth’s angels. I pray that you find love and friendship, not just when life is trying, but for your everyday existence.  Everyone in the world should know what it is like to soar on angels’ wings, and to be upheld by the super heroic strength of friends. Life is simply sweeter with true friends.


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