#13in2013 #Mamavation5K

I love that my Superkid LOVES to exercise! I pray that he remains on the path of a healthy, fit lifestyle.

We had a lovely, sweaty Mommy & Superkid day today. Β He followed me to the gym, and got in a kiddie kick butt workout. Then he ran the Mamavation 5K with me. He only ran 1 mile, but demanded full credit for the entire race. Have a look at his finisher’s photo πŸ™‚

Happy, Healthy Weekend Everyone!




11 thoughts on “#13in2013 #Mamavation5K

  1. Wow. I’m totally impressed. I am worried about my kids’ health and fitness, since my husband and I are definitely overweight. But I realize that the change has to start with us. I’ve been working hard on my elliptical for a few weeks now and it seems to catch on. My son just voluntarily signed up for soccer!

    • Kerstin, you said it best. We are our kids’ heroes and best examples. The change really does begin with us. I wish you the absolute best on your journey! Thanks for stoppping by

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