#Mamavation Monday: Before & After


Before Week1

I was the typical wife and mom with 1 flight pattern: I was the loudest cheerleader for my loved ones,  gave all that I had, ran all over the place “making it happen,” and put all of my dreams and ideas on the back burner. It wasn’t that I didn’t love myself or believe that my goals were important; I simply found myself taking care of everyone else. I allowed myself to remain in ridiculous, unnecessary, and stressful situations because I was too focused on fulfilling the expectations of others.   “How would they feel if I walked away?” “What would happen if I quit?” “Wouldn’t it be selfish of me to say no?” It was a warped perception, and proved to be quite detrimental to my health. My hours were filled with racing around, juggling multiple schedules, there was no time to get to the gym regularly, and my everyday ended in exhaustion. Thankfully I saw the light, and made the decision to take my life back.


I took a giant leap of faith, and connected with Mamavation.  I found support, advice, ideas, butt kicking, and sisterhood. I learned so much about myself, and what I could do. This was no ordinary bootcamp. The trainers meant business, and brought the pain. And by pain, I mean the dear God  I can’t move without crying pain. I had access to a registered dietitian, and learned how to prepare and plan meals that supported the success of my health and fitness plans. Yes, I lost a ton, well not exactly a ton, of weight…but that wasn’t the most incredible part of the journey.  I found my life again, and now I know how to keep it this way.
You can catch up on my Mamavation Mom updates here: Weeks 1-7 of Campaign 15



Well, that’s it. My stint as a Mamavation Mom is over. Now what? Now I get to live and love my life as I should: I’m healthier, fitter, stronger. I have plans, and a support system. I am unafraid to ask for help. Mamavation gave me tools to live successfully as a healthy example for my family. I don’t allow organizations or relationships to drain my life, or interfere with my roles as a wife and mom. I still run all over the place to make things happen, but my health no longer takes the backseat.  I don’t try to  fit healthy meals and gym time into my schedule; I schedule my day around my workouts and meals. I’m a better wife and mom because I am making the time to take the best care of myself.




Until next time,



10 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: Before & After

  1. Hi there,
    I loved reading what you had to say. I feel the same way, I try so hard to make sure everyone in my family is where they are to be and on schedule and don’t really think about myself much and as a result I have picked up some crappy eating habits. I just recently joined Mamavation and I am hoping to find tips and support for making a change to a healthier me!! Great work and keep it up!

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