#Mamavation Monday: Wait…it’s Monday?!?!


Happy Monday, all! How on earth is it Monday again ALREADY?!?!

I hope that you are well, and had a wonderful weekend.  Things have been crazy busy in Just Jeanae Land (There may very well be a theme park in my head, but that is an entirely different blog post!).  I am still adjusting to living away from the Mamavation Mom Campaign spotlight.  It is great to have my real life back, but I am still experiencing phantom detachment pains and reactions: I have to fight the urge to explain the significance of what I am eating, and I will randomly break out with a burpee in a heartbeat!

Here are a few updates from my week…

Discipline: Pre Campaign, I discovered that I lacked the discipline that was required to overhaul my life. Determination? No problem; I had plenty. Divine connection? Yep, God & I are on a first name basis, but prayer alone was not going to get my body into shape.  Applying, hazing, and ultimately becoming a Mamavation Mom required a level of discipline that I never imagined.  I now know that I must maintain a level of strict discipline if I want to maintain the amazing results I achieved. No one is lurking around the corner to ask what I am eating, or if I worked out, but my heart of hearts will always know.  Dare I  mention that I will still have to report weigh-ins for the next 6 months?!?! The scale never lies, so there really was no point in trashing the discipline.

Connection: I was blessed with 2 amazing sisters when I became a Mamavation Mom, as well as access to the unbelievably supportive Sistahood.  This hasn’t changed, and I am grateful to pay it forward to a new class of applicants.  I really appreciate all that the Sistahood has to offer, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t given it a try to DO SO NOW… I rely on my sistas more so now as I try to navigate real life with the best healthy choices. I am also finding it a bit difficult to stay “plugged in” as I have to focus on real-time demands these days. Just in case I never told you about all of those demands that I put on hold for 7 weeks…Uh, yeah, they are back…with a vengeance. 🙂

Challenges: I just completed the 2 Week Challenge with Mark (@MrBookieboo), and it was a helpful tool for coming down from the high intensity of a 7 week Campaign. I managed to complete this challenge, even with a stomach virus and little food… NO EXCUSES.  I also attended my first Booty Ballet class with the Queen of Pain, my personal trainer Lisa. It was crazy (the craziest part was that the class started before 9AM on a freaking Saturday!), but so much fun! I truly love workouts that challenge everything that I can possibly think about my limitations.

Fistbumps:  The scale cranked on down another 2.8 lbs. I am pretty sure that was spawned by the stomach bug, but a loss is a loss, and I’ll take it.

I completed several 5k’s since my last post, including: the St Patrick’s Day Virtual, Jelly Bean 5K, and the 2nd Annual Anywhere 5K. I am LOVING the virtual races, but I look forward to participating with crowds of runners soon.stpattys

I again have a slot to run the AJC Peachtree RoadRace in Atlanta! I am SO EXCITED! This has become my crazy annual bonding extravaganza with my best bud Cynthia.  I have proven that I will do almost anything for a “free” T-shirt, and this is one of my favorite things to do.

Stay tuned for happiness and mayhem via Justjeanae.com.  Not only do we own the domain, but we are working on a super cool new site, as well as dishing out some reviews and giveaways. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: Wait…it’s Monday?!?!

  1. Free T-shirts – you are cray! I am excited to see you and your Mamavation Mom cohort progress through the year. You all had something special in the last campaign – and I have been around to see a lot of campaigns.

  2. So I have to tell you.. I ran 10 5k’s in 10 months a couple years ago and the huge driving force for me was free alcohol at the end.. so I totally get your drive of free t-shirts 🙂

    Keep up the amazing work.. I love seeing the MM’s keep it up after their campaigns!

  3. You are amazing! Congrats on the loss. I do hope I can do a mamavation moms campaign soon. Your post about life going on hold for 7weeks is exactly why I have to wait. I need that support and regularity though. Keep up the great work! If you need someone to monitor your eating join us over at My Fitness Pal. Logging definitely keeps you accountable.

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