#Mamavation Monday: Spring Break Recovery


Aloha, all! If I am writing this, and you are reading it, that means that Monday has shown up yet again…and that spring break is officially over.  That is bittersweet…we had an amazing time with Superkid and friends, but this mama is WORN OUT!  We are also prepping for the Bald Genius to deploy with his Unit, so things are nothing less than nutty around here.

On the fitness, food, and fabulous front, I completed another Mamavation 5k with my Superkid (in the rain…and a bruised knee!).  I also kept up with my running schedule for the AJC Peachtree Road Race. That’s it. No other cardio. No strength training. No sessions with the Queen of Pain.  You’d think that the scale would give me a big payback for such a week, but it did not. Nothing lost, but nothing gained either. I’ll take it 😉 I return to my normal routine tomorrow in the Queen of Pain’s Dungeon (I love you, Lisa!).


my bruised, post slip & fall while running knee
bruised, post slip & fall
while running, knee

I am not looking forward to packing lunches this week.  There, I said it. It was lovely to take a break from planning meals, using cookie cutters for Superkid’s sandwiches, and racing out of the door every morning. I didn’t plan ahead for this week, so I am now trying to get creative and map out my recipes.  I could use some ideas.  So far, I can only think about sweet potatoes and popcorn (A) because sweet potatoes are awesome; B) because I’d really rather go to a movie right now).  Enough with my post vacation whining and procrastination .. How many of you super planners have your meals prepared for the week?  Could you lend a sister some inspiration?

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Until next time,

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of how NOT to end spring break…


This post is sponsored by RockMyRun & Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway
Yes, that's HAIL

Yes, that’s HAIL!

That was once a flowerbed :(

That was once a flowerbed 😦

Where's Noah with the ark?!?!?
Where’s Noah with the ark?!?!?

5 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: Spring Break Recovery

  1. Sounds like the weather where you are wasn’t being very spring like either. Warmth will come soon. Great job holding strong. Time to get back into the routine. Good luck!

  2. Those are some crazy pics. Stop trying to run in heels then you won’t be falling. You better make Super Kid some good lunches .

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