#Mamavation Monday: Mind over Matter


Well, Happy Monday, everyone!  I am so thankful to be able to reach out to all of you, and I hope that you had a lovely week!

Things have been over the top goofy in Just Jeanae Land.  I was fighting bronchitis last week (cue Sweet Brown “aint nobody got time for that!”), and I truly was not in the mood for sickness.  I simply didn’t have time. Thankfully, the wonders of prayer, rest, and meds have me back to my normal self.

The weight/fitness/non scale victory update:

The scale isn’t moving. I remember when that statement made me quite angry,  but these days, I am smiling.  I have maintained my weight-loss since the Mamavation Mom Campaign, and I continue to push myself in the gym.  Notice – – I didn’t say that I enjoy the torture; I just realize that I have to do it if I want to stay on the road to fit, fine, & fierce (ha!).


Getting your Mind Right

I am feeling stronger and better than I ever have, and that is because I learned a valuable secret.  I am only as strong, capable, smart, successful, etc as I allow myself to be.  Proverbs 23 tells that we are exactly the person we see in our hearts. A few people may not believe in the Bible, but I do, and I will quote it in my blog.  I saw myself healthier, stronger, fitter than ever before. I continued to see myself that way, in my heart and mind, until I could actually see the results of my hard work with my eyes.

If you tell yourself that you cannot, you can count on it that you won’t.  If you tell yourself that you are unworthy, eventually no will ever believe that you are. Romans 4 gives a great clue: SPEAK.  Continue to say what you believe until you see what you believe. Don’t allow anything to cause you to waiver.

A facebook friend recently made an analogy of roller coasters to people who cannot seem to remain steady in their moods.  Unexpected dips and turns on a roller coaster can be entertaining; constant ups and downs with a person’s personality will never be seen as amusing.  It takes consistency to reach our fitness, family, financial, and life goals.  We cannot give 100% when the trainer is in the room, and slack off the rest of the time.  We are wasting valuable time that could be spent living a fulfilled life.

It is an old adage, but it bears repeating: if you control your mind, you can control your life.

My journey to my fittest self was not without surprises, frustration, or even tragedy, but the assurance of my ultimate victory was found in what I allowed into my head.  Failure was not an option. The word can’t was simply not allowed. In fact, to this day, if anyone mutters the word can’t in the presence of my crazy trainer Lisa, it is automatic grounds for burpee penance. (and I HATE burpees!) I neither listened to, nor surrounded myself with, people who complained, whined, or spoke negatively. I only accepted and spoke of what was possible.

Drama was designed for the stage. Twists and turns are best for story plots and amusement park rides. Master your mind, control your emotions, and you will master your fitness goals, and control your eating habits.  Is it easy? Nope. Is anything worth attaining ever handed out on a free silver platter? No. Can you do it? If I can, anyone can.

I hope that you will discover your strength, master your mind, and find your healthiest, fittest self.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: Mind over Matter

  1. I do not know if I would say controlling your mind, but definitely working with your mind and your circumstances is key to avoiding all the “drama” that you and those around you do not want. I love the spot-on message of GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT because dayum we allow ourselves to get silly as a species.

  2. Thanks for the reminders!!! I’m a Bible believer myself and hearing those words from Proverbs and Romans were very encouraging! And we’re definitely on the same about avoiding drama!! 😉 Here’s to you feel better and YEY for you maintaining your weight loss–keep up the great work!

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