#Mamavation Monday: I need an intervention…

MondayThis has been such a demanding, deliriously draining, and hysterically hype week!

To celebrate the last week of school, Superkid’s teachers sent home every drawing, scribble, illegible alien chicken scratch, math problem, paper airplane, unmatched sock, award, letter, picture, crayon, marker, dried out glue stick… EVERYTHING CAME HOME. Let’s add to the piles with the many gifts from his amazingly generous friends, and the 10 toys that normally ride in the backseat, and you’ll find that the  inside of my car currently looks like an episode of Hoarders threw up in it.

I am in deep trouble. I refuse to bring these things INSIDE. Do you know what will happen? Then MY HOUSE will need an intervention…or exorcism…or something.  I suggested throwing away, or recycling, some of the earlier writing assignments. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: How about we save a few of these, and recycle the rest?
Superkid: Mom, we can’t throw that away. It’s precious!
Me: Really? What does it say?
Superkid: I have no idea; I wrote that at the beginning of the year.

Multiply this conversation by 987, and we have the bags of stuff still sitting in the car.

On the Mamavation front… I am back to wearing my pedometer. Why? Because I found that when I no longer had to report my steps, I didn’t force myself to take them. Amazing, isn’t it? I am keeping up with eating well, and the scale loves me (I love you, too, boo). There are no complaints there… I just have to remember to step it up, and not just rely upon my race training to be enough.

I keep trying to get my Sistas Rebecca & Joanna to nominate me for a wardrobe makeover. It is out of control around here! Picture it: I just cleaned out my closets, and I have bags upon bags of clothes to donate. Why? Because everything is too big. That’s a great problem to have if (IF) you like to shop. I abhor shopping, and I only have workout clothes and jeans left. What’s a girl to do?  Apparently, this girl has some major shopping to do…in much smaller sizes…WOOT!

I am off to sort (& TRASH) the ridiculous amounts of paper and gift bags in my car.  If you do not hear from me soon, I’ve been swallowed up by a pile of clutter.

Rock on, school kiddos. Enjoy your summer!

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: I need an intervention…

  1. Dang it I thought you were gonna start sharing the good stuff with us…. But that’s not the same intervention lol…. I agree with the learning to push yourself after mamavation…. And I can totally relate to the clothing issue, I posted about that too this week

  2. There are a number of tech “solutions” for all of superkid’s stuff to have it documented and stored as data to savor later. As far as your clothes – dayum girl, you are fly!

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