Run, Forrest, Run!

Happy National Running Day!

I will celebrate by attempting to not injure myself this week. Seriously. I should start a support group for klutzes who run. We could call ourselves the Trips.

As I continue to train, and fret over, the Peachtree, I am reminded of how much of an intense mind game running can be. There are no limits to the body types or shapes of people who run. Sure, there are many lean, chiseled marathoners out there, but there are just as many rounder people pounding the pavement. You may feel intimidated by career runners, but I promise you that if I can do it, you can run, too. It all starts in the mind.

I never imagined that I could ever run a mile, but one day, I did it. One mile became 2, then 3,& before I knew it, I completed my first 10k. I pushed myself. I told my body, the achy knees, sore feet, that I was the boss. I pushed beyond my pain, & kept it moving.

I’d like to invite you to lace up, get up, & push yourself. Tell your body that you’re the boss, & then run.

Until next time,


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