Big Girl Panties – That’s Life

Life can be quite a ride at times. The best laid plans and opportunities can be blown to smithereens by the words spoken in one phone call.  We can fall to pieces, and harbor frustration, or we can take the pieces and move it right along.

Life decided to throw a few unexpected curve balls, from emergency medical situations, to crazy work travel demands, and I had to give up 2 of my most treasured plans this week.  I did not get to fulfill my role as Fitbloggin assistant in Portland, and I will not run the Peachtree in Atlanta.  Was I sad? Yes.  Was I determined to keep it moving? Definitely. This is a measurement of my growth. Trust me.

During my teens and 20’s, the slightest threat to my plans was met with wild, enthusiastic resistance. “How dare anyone or anything disrespect my schedule?” An amazing thing happened when I finally grew up: I finally grew up!

big girl2

I found a fun pin on etsy recently that pretty much sums up my sentiments for the week.  I wish that I could YELL it from the rooftops to several people. Life happens. Unexpected crap happens. People change. Plans change. Things do not always go our way. Relationships can fail. Health can fail. Traffic will more than like get backed up on the very morning that you are in a hurry. Motherhood makes it pretty much implausible to exit the house on time, with every item that you need, all while wearing matching shoes (or maybe that is just my life).

Maybe the delay in traffic is an opportunity to rethink the notes for your presentation, or kept you from being in an accident.  Perhaps the frustrating call from a relative was a chance to be a peacekeeper.  The tragic events in one loved one’s life can make it possible to bond, forgive, and forge better relationships. Maybe, just maybe, the lady with the bad attitude at the store just needs a hug (a very tight one around her neck! …I kid, I kid…).  Whatever the seemingly irritating situation happens to be, whatever the interruption to our plans, the only control we can ever have is how we react.   Everything has the potential bring us something – new knowledge, appreciation, skills, perspective, etc. I vote that we leave the drama for the crazies on fake reality tv, and start finding the good.  We might have to double roll, velcro, and tie a knot in them, but let’s put away the whining, and pull out the big girl panties.


Until next time,


9 thoughts on “Big Girl Panties – That’s Life

  1. Love this post….this is something I know I have struggled with a lot. As an only child I sort of got the impression that life revolved around me and didn’t understand when things didn’t go as planned. I am working on this a lot as well. So sad things didn’t work out for you, but glad you are taking it in stride with grace.

  2. I LOVE this! I completely agree 100%. We can’t change some things that happen and the mos important part is how we react to things. I love how you took all the things people whine or complain about and turned them into positives by things that we may be given or saved from in the long run. GREAT POST!!

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