Coming soon: Product Review @NuNAAT #karité

I recently returned from a trip to find a very exciting box waiting for me!

YAY! My products arrived!

YAY! My products arrived!

I am looking forward to sharing with  you the results of testing a new group of hair care products.  NuNaat is advertised to contain  vitamins A, D, E and F, as well as natural ingredients that will not clog pores or create oily build up and greasy residue. The company has several different collections to cater to various hair types. I currently have the  Karité Special collection, with shea butter. This should be an interesting run as I no longer use chemicals to straighten my hair (18 months, & counting!), and it can be challenging to locate products that will not strip my hair or make it a heavy, oily mess.

I will give the Karité collection a 2-week run to confirm how well the products work with my hair type and lifestyle.  Let’s see how it goes…

Until next time,


Note: received these products from nuNAAT in order to complete a review.


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