THIS was my Monday…

Actually, I should say this is how my weeks have gone…
Things have been up in the air, topsy-turvy, unpredictable, and downright goofy. Most of you may already know that I try to always take the high road, and view things from the most positive light possible.

I am elated to juggle into the madness of my many roles the opportunity to support a brand new batch of Mamavation Moms! I remember my 1st week, as well as all of the elation, expectation, AND EXERCISE that followed. The greatest lesson that I could ever share about this experience is to surrender, & smile. What the heck does that mean? Isn’t that what every brainwashed cult member says? Probably so, but this isn’t a cult (cult members probably say that, too!). Mamavation is an opportunity to learn valuable, attainable tools that can radically transform your lifestyle.

Have I mastered EVERYTHING? No, but I am learning and growing daily. Do I have setbacks? Of course, but they do not derail or define me. Am I still busy? Yes. Are deadlines and demands still looming, & swirling around like a Kansas storm? Yes. Can I get through it? Definitely yes. I learned that I could master my thoughts and choices, and I decided to make my household healthier. As I weather the many storms of life, I find that I am equipped with the capacity to find the bright side. That is my hope for everyone. Just when it appears that things are too gray, stormy, or frustrating, I hope that you can find the technicolor road to your peace and happiness…just without the witches, monkeys, and fake wizard…

I wish you a joyous, peaceful week! Now, where can I find some ruby slippers?

Until then,

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