#Mamavation Monday: the little things


I just realized that I haven’t used the Mamavation Monday image in my weekly updates. Why? I have no idea. I am sure that one day, I had another picture to share, and didn’t get around to remembering to paste the Mamavation image. I thought about it this morning, and it made me think of other small things that I might overlook…and how those small things can eventually turn into a big deal. (Disclaimer: it isn’t a big deal to anyone other than myself that I didn’t insert the above image.)

Do you ever have mornings that just downright stink? Perhaps you didn’t sleep well the night before, or it is pouring outside, & you just do not want to go outside to run. One little missed workout won’t hurt, right? There are times when friends show up with chocolate, and bake the most amazing desserts… TONS of them. A few little binges won’t hurt, right? Taking a break from counting your steps, or watching your portions, won’t matter much, right? A few sodas won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, right?

We all know the truth. We can feel it in our guts. We know when we decide to sleep in that we more than likely will not find time to run later.  We know that if we skip the gym today that it will be a little easier to skip it next time. So, what do we tell ourselves? The little things matter. Every little decision counts. Every little step moves us. Every thought, every word, will add up. I have never met a person who completed a marathon by randomly waking up, & deciding to run that day. The marathon began with taking the smallest step first. The small steps became many miles of sweat and endurance until a marathon was possible.

There are goals and dreams in our lives that may seem impossible, just too big to achieve. I say that we should think back to grade school, and remember the silly adage of our teachers: Class, do you know how to eat an entire cow? One bite at a time.  So, how will you finish your degree? One paper, one exam, one class at a time. How will you finally launch your business? One meeting, one session, one client, one great idea at a time. How can you salvage your relationship? One gesture, one conversation, one decision at a time. How will you conquer your next impossible dream? One step at a time.

Go get it.


Until next time



3 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: the little things

  1. LOVE THIS!! I completely agree with you 100% and I am of course guilty of saying oh ill have one pop it wont hurt but that in turn leads to 2, then 3, then 4 … and so on. I love how you can take anything negative and turn it into a positive. You truly are inspiring!!

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