Free Download: Kick Out the Jammies!

Why, yes I did intend to publish this on Tuesday, but real life got in the way.  That’s great for you because now you have the chance to not only know my family’s favorite tracks, but to download this music for free (I just love the word FREE!).

If your kids rule the satellite radio in the car, and have their own mp3 players, you may be very familiar with the artists on this newly released kids music compilation, Kick Out the Jammies.  I have been forced to hear it all week, and I have to admit that I love it. Yes, I really mean it.



My family danced and laughed to the entire project, but found a few standout tracks. My Superkiddo has 2 favorites: Tambourine Submarine by Recess Monkey, and Modes of Transportation by Readeez.   I found myself bobbing my head the most to Participation Trophy by the Not-Its, and Party Like an Animal by Renald Francoeur.

Boogie on over to Amazon to hear samples, and download all 11 songs while this project is still free.  Did I mention how much I love the word FREE?


Have a great afternoon, loves.

Until next time


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