#mamavation monday – milkshakes, meet-ups, & mentions


Happy Monday, loves!  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend!

helping man

I am recovering from a whirlwind trip with the Bald Genius and Superkiddo.  We had the pleasure of meeting up with a dear family, and Superkiddo spent time with his favorite child author. No, I didn’t say children’s author, I said child author.  This phenomenally talented writer published his first book when he was only in the 2nd grade.  Helping Man is a delightful book, and we were so honored to spend time with Jalen and his family this weekend.

I have to admit it: although I allow myself a dietary cheat day now and then, I discovered a “trigger drug” last Friday.  While Superkiddo bonded with fellow superhero kids, I tried a less than remotely close to healthy dessert. I will probably need to run a marathon to work it off, and I didn’t even consume half of it! A day or so later, I found myself thinking about this dessert. I just had to have another one! Thankfully, the concoction was nearly 200 miles from my home, and there was no way to replicate it in any establishment near me.  I was reminded of what it was like before Mamavation, and before I learned what I could and couldn’t do.

This isn’t intended to make light of another person’s struggle, and I do realize that many fight to overcome an addiction to food just as they would to a controlled substance. I am aware of how much I have grown, and become sensitive enough to listen to my body. I allowed myself to enjoy something, without giving myself permission to go off the deep end.  I haven’t become one of those health nut poster children, who vow to never partake of any of the favorites from the past, but I am now someone who knows what is best for my  body. Could I have a milkshake for dessert everyday, or even once a week? Definitely not. Could I enjoy one, not finish it, and not race out to buy one the next day? Uhhh I’m working on it, but so far, yes.

I have to mention Jalen’s family one more time. It really moved me, at times to tears, to witness another family with a superhero kid. Superkiddo bonded instantly with Jalen and his Superbrothers, and the Bald Genius & I connected with the Superparents. I applaud parents who recognize and support the gifts and strengths of their children, as well as invest in their futures.  Many people have bleak views of the days ahead, but I see hope for the world because of little boys like Jalen Helping Man Butler, his amazing Superbrothers, and my very own Superkiddo.

I think that we owe it to future generations to make our world a much better place, and to teach them how to excel and live well.  One of the many great lessons that we can teach is how to make wise decisions. Even Superkiddo recognized my milkshake dilemma: Hey, Mom, it was  fun for you to try it, but I bet that you know not to do it again soon.  You’re right, Superkiddo. I had to refer to one of my Mamavation hazing slogans: nothing can taste as good as being healthy can feel. I may have to repeat it SEVERAL times while I convince my taste buds and brain that my large salad for lunch is much better than that milkshake…

Until next time,


9 thoughts on “#mamavation monday – milkshakes, meet-ups, & mentions

  1. I am so in awe that you know your trigger and reign in that in. I am still working on that. I often let one lead to another and it takes a bit to realize I need to get my stuff under control. So glad you had a great weekend with this other amazing family.

  2. I feel you on “trigger” drug. Mine is Coke! I can’t jsut have one occassionally.. If I have one I must have more and more and more! I just have to avoid it or else I’m back to my former bad habit.

    • There are still a few people in my life who just do not get it – – you know the types: born sleek, eat whatever, stay sleek…gag. I don’t get to rely on, or blame, my genetics; I have to make the best decisions to look this awesome HAHAHA
      Thanks so much for stopping by

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