#Mamavation Monday: Double D’s & whatnot


Happy Monday, kids!

Several schools started today, and I am sure that parents are shouting for joy! I do not get to do my back to school boogie down breakdown until next week, so stay tuned…

I had a bizarre encounter in the store this weekend. An older gentleman approached us to ask if we enjoyed Gospel music. I asked why, and he pulled out a CD.  Of course, I asked him how in the world was he going to sell something IN A STORE, pocket the money, and consider anything about his approach a great reflection of the Gospel. This led into his declaration of how I couldn’t possibly know anything about the music industry, “it’s all about the hustle”, and that he’d been around for 25 years. Ummm ok… I bid him a great afternoon, and best of luck with trying to “hustle” his CD illegally in the middle of the store.  This wasn’t just a sad situation because he didn’t have better means of advertising, and legally selling, but he missed out on a great opportunity.  Prior to entering the store, I was on a call with a friend. Said friend is promoting an event, and wanted to know if I was available to sing and/or suggest someone in the region.  This guy missed out. He suffered from what I call the Double D’s, or Dumb Deep.

What the heck is Dumb Deep, and what on earth does that have to do with a health & fitness post?  Progress, success, failure, perseverance, longevity in an industry, reaching a goal, and pretty much everything we do, will always begin with our thoughts. This guy thought that the best way to move forward in his career, and to obtain funding, was to disrupt shoppers in a store, rather than obtaining a distribution deal, and being sold on the shelves.  He allowed his lack of knowledge, and incapacity to hear another position, to prevent him from possibly gaining a better source.  We have all been guilty of this.  Prior to my Mamavation campaign, I just knew that the only way that I would conquer my weight plateau was to eat less.  That wasn’t true, and it didn’t work. Had I continued my fitness path with my own interpretation, and never accepted the wisdom or help from those who knew better, I would still be stuck in that plateau.

We have to allow ourselves to admit that we don’t have all of the answers.  We have to be willing to ask for, and accept help.  We have to be ready to stare failure in the face, and say, “I will conquer you.” There are people around us who have the keys to our success. We cannot get access if we are unwilling to hear, and apply, what they have to offer. If your destiny or dream is to be on a national stage, don’t waste your life peddling your gifts in the aisle of a grocery store.  If your desire is to run a marathon, don’t spend your days with your running shoes still in the box. If you want to patch things up with a friend or relative, don’t avoid them whenever you see them.  It all seems to be so simple, right?  It can be…that is, when we allow ourselves to defeat the Dumb Deep thoughts of I know what I’m talking about, and I don’t need help. We all need help, input, advice, love, comedic relief, a scary trainer (I have one!) in our lives at some point.  Our thoughts can prevent us from seeing that the help is often right in front of us. Let’s break free from the Double D’s, and move forward to accepting what is best for us.

Is it difficult for you to admit that you could use help? Has there been a time in your life that you accepted the input of someone, and things worked out in the very way that you needed? Have you ever been surprised by the source of the answer you received?  I’d love to hear your story.


Until next time,


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