Well, most of you who know me just replied, “yes, we know!”

Here’s the deal: the Bald Genius, Superkiddo, & I returned from a lovely vacation to find that our refrigerator died. There was water everywhere, and several pounds of disgusting spoiled food to clean up.  The entire ordeal was frustrating until I remembered something… 1) I had an excuse to order out, for EVERY meal, everyday until the fridge was replaced/repaired; 2) I always wanted to try freezer cooking, as well as massive prep for my week(s).  I never did because the freezer was always full.


I get to start with a clean slate, and I am elated.  I am on the hunt for healthier versions of everything…yes, everything. The most challenging part, as always, will be school lunches. Thanks to Superkiddo’s allergies and intolerances, there are very few ingredients that I can use. He even has the audacity to be a picky eater on occasion… ummm, dude, you have limited options as it is; just eat it. Yes, I have actually said that, and no, it didn’t work.

So, here is where all of YOU can help: We are slowly switching to a 100% gluten-free, allergy-free, GFAF, diet. This has been a slow progression as we are discovering more intolerances, and searching for safe alternatives. My goal is to help my family  get healthier one meal at a time.  I would love to hear your stories about GFAF meals. Who has kid friendly recipes? What are your favorite “normal” recipes?  I find that I enjoy finding a safe way to prepare new things.

This week, I hope to check the following items off the list :

  • Restock the kitchen
  • Prep at least a few days of meals
  • Secure Superkiddo’s lunch menu plan for a few weeks
  • Reschedule my morning torture sessions with the world’s scariest trainer
  • Shop for new running shoes
  • Complete all of my pending articles

It seems like a small, easy to manage list, right? HA! Let’s see how well I can chip away at everything now that Superkiddo is back in school. I can hear sighs of relief from other moms all across the USA! The kids are going back to school…yippee!

I wish all of you a wonderful week!

Until next time,


16 thoughts on “I NEED HELP!

    • I can’t even begin to describe the mess that greeted us after vacation. Soooo icky…
      But I am loving the clean slate, and chance to stock up on so many things. The research continues…

  1. Oh man what a rough thing to happen! I’m sorry 😦

    I have a picky eater but thankfully no allergies here! I couldn’t imagine!

    Hope you get your list crossed off. Just take it line by line and don’t overwhelm yourself!!!

    Sending some positive and creative vibes your way this week 🙂

  2. What a sucky homecoming. Good luck figuring out Superkiddo’s menu plan. Have you started with him writing a list of the things he likes – not meals, but foods?

  3. I am familiar with GF because of my daughter’s wonderful eczema, but I have no idea what some of the other things are. Would a paleo diet work? We are whole fooders, so I believe fat is good, but it should be from nature as in animals, avacados, coconuts, etc but lots of fruit and veggies. My daughter loves taking large salads to school, and I make a homemade dressing since almost everything has Gluten sneaked in and GF products are so pricey. PLUS I saw on the news the other day that GF products are not 100% GF. FDA says they have to meet Celiac standards which still has Gluten in it, but not as much…just an FYI!

    • Hi Allyson, and thanks so much! I call our diet veganish… typically, there are zero animal products, but on occasion, we have fish, chicken or turkey. Thanks to my son’s SEVERE allergies, we can’t really venture out much more than that.

      We are in a very small town, and must drive several hours to a whole foods each month. I am learning so much as we make our own products, and even attempt to grow a few favorites… it’s an adventure.

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