Trust Falls for Control Freaks

Well, hey there, loves! Can you believe it? My stinking Monday post is GONE! I scheduled it to post, and BLOOP…WOOSH… it was gone.

So, let’s start over, shall we?

On the first day of undergrad, my alma mater gathered all of the freshmen, and sent us on random outdoor excursions. Some hiked, others went rafting, but at some point all students participated in wacky, annoying team building exercises. “How can you work together to build a human bridge?” “Can you catch ping-pong balls without using your hands?” The final exercise was my least favorite: the trust fall. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t fall; I was pushed. I could catch a person, but there was no way that I was going to blindly fall backwards into a stranger’s arms. Could you? I’m sure that a few of you crazy kids actually could.

I am not a big fan of the unknown, so I try to research and know as much as possible. Life is full of the unknown, and there are times when we don’t get the opportunity to study up on a subject before we take the test. I never studied how to comfort a grieving family; I just had to dive in. I had zero experience in overhauling my pantry and recipes, so that my little allergic to everything kid would be safe. I had no clue how to take control over my health & fitness; I just knew that I needed a change. I had to trust my trainers, and the process. Some people would call this “fun”…I call it torture.

There are tons of other areas in which I didn’t have the answers beforehand, and I simply had to step out and trust. This isn’t easy, and is rarely fun, but it always moves me to the place where I could not have reached on my own strength. I am learning daily to trust that where I go, and what I do, will lead me to exactly what I need.

Maybe you thought that you would never find a way to reach your goals. Perhaps you are certain that the successful people around you would never welcome the chance to mentor you. What if you never defeated the biggest fears? What if you never mastered that task? I had to change the focus of my questions. What if there was a way to reach your goals? What if the most accomplished people really were willing to support you? What if you could defeat fear, and master that task? What if, and why not?

It isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but there is freedom that comes from learning to trust. I am still not crazy enough to fall blindfolded into the arms of a stranger, but I am learning that I can reach out, lean on, trust, and receive support from those around me. It isn’t just about being in control, and lending a hand to others. I can trust that others can do the same for me.

I’m embracing my village of experts, and accepting that I am stronger with their support than I am when I am fending for myself. With their help, I have menus, running schedules, lesson modules, club planning sessions, mentoring meetings, articles to write, and speaking engagement calendars to do. What’s on your calendar this week? Are you going to attack your to-do list alone, or do you have a group of people to help? I wish you much success this week!

Until next time,


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