Get to Work!

Today’s thoughts from the school carpool line:

I sincerely pray that the squabbling elected officials will either give up their own salaries and benefits during the standoff, or consider what their current tantrum of a shutdown will ultimately do to their constituents. I am not making light of the situation, or taking the “side” of either party, but it stands to reason that “shutting down” the government will only bring more harm than good. If I were a betting person, I would bet that many of those posturing in front of the cameras may very well be out of their jobs soon.

Everyone has been buzzing about the creative way in which Marina Shifrin quit her job.

Some people are using this as an excuse to go bananas at their current jobs. Don’t be silly: you can’t use company time and resources to tell your employer “screw you” unless…well…you’re in Congress.

I have witnessed many ways of how to leave (or be asked to leave) a job. How would you tell your boss goodbye? Would you resign dramatically, or devise a plan to get canned with hopes of a severance deal?

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5 thoughts on “Get to Work!

    • Hi Debbie, and thanks for stopping by! Who knows what randomness and tagging fun will be inspired by #31dbc. This should be a fun ride, and I am so excited to take it with you 🙂

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