2 tips for sneaking in time for exercise

You just groaned when you read the title, didn’t you? No worries. I promise you that you are not about to read the post of a preachy, unsympathetic fitness fanatic. I get it: whether you juggle household hysteria, or battle it out in the cubicle jungle, your daily schedule is already FULL.  Here are two (just 2!) of the tiny changes that I made when I began my fitness and weight loss journey.

1. Walk. Yes, it is that simple. Find ways to increase your daily steps. If your particular school allows it, walk your children to and from the door, rather than driving through the carpool line. Park away from store entrances, and walk around the aisles before you  begin to shop. Fold your laundry in one room of the house, and walk it to another. I try not to be a “bleacher mom”; I walk around the track during practices (& yes, I still manage to cheer for my kiddo).

2. “TVcise.” What are you normally doing during your favorite TV shows? I would bet that you spend that time sitting and snacking. Am I right?  My friends and I made dates with each other to connect, get moving, and enjoy our shows together. The treadmill and elliptical can get boring, but if you pair them with your favorite team or show, you’ll enjoy moving. You’d be amazed by how many miles or reps you can complete.

How do you sneak in exercise? Did you get moving today?  You still have time 🙂  I’ll share more sneaky tips tomorrow.

Until next time,


Today’s tune:

This little gem came on during my run this morning…


22 thoughts on “2 tips for sneaking in time for exercise

  1. Great post! I do calf raises in the shower, a few squats before I leave a room, lunges down the hall and I walk around the soccer fields while my son practices, too. (Found you from the #31dbc, keep up the good work!)

  2. On the TVcise I thought you caught me! I get up during commercials and get some cleaning in such as vacuuming, dusting, windows/ mirrors, mopping, etc. Amazing what you can complete in short blocks of time. I did get a 45 minute walk in today and I often do Julianne Hough dance videos for fun while getting a work out. Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Hi Beth, and thanks for stopping by. I heard great things about those videos; I will have to check them out.
      I get more chores done before people are preparing to visit than I do in an entire week 🙂

  3. Snappy post! I feel your movement in the rhythm of your words. Great ideas too. Aside from my yoga and Pilates/weight-training/aerobics classes, I have a chin-up bar in my kitchen doorway that I tackle from time to time. It’s great for hanging and stretching too. I use another doorway to support a hand stand. Great way to revive. See you at #31dbc!

  4. Yes, I Did groan when I read your title but I hung in there and read your tips anyway and feel much better for doing so. I think I’m gonna put on C & C Music Factory and dance a little. 🙂

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  6. I usually do a lot of walking at the riverfront or around my house when the weather is warm. Since it’s getting cooler, I bought an exercise bike and have been incorporating 15-30 minutes of exercise day and night.

  7. Good tips. I always put on music and dance while I am working on my recipes in the kitchen. I figure if I am going to eat some sweets I need to burn a few calories before they come out of the oven.

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