How to Sneak in Healthy Choices

Happy Thursday, loves!

So many families are on the hunt for the golden ticket to perfect health and fitness. The problem is that we will never find a magic button or solution. Sure, you can go to a surgeon to suck out or snip off fat, but you may or may not have a healthy life after that. You can get your body wrapped, drink glow in the dark juices, and wear magic lycra all day, but none of these things will improve your health…unless…YOU. Change. Your. Health.

What on earth do I mean? Am I a doctor? Am I a fitness expert? Nope. I am just a wife and mom who MADE THE DECISION to take control over my health. No one wants to hear a bunch of preachy fanatics, and most of us know what to do. It can seem overwhelming to change everything, but there are small steps that you can take to get your health and weight loss back on track. Here are 2 ways to sneak some healthy choices into your lifestyle.

1. Water. If you are like most of the people in my circle, water isn’t your first beverage of choice. I had to grow into drinking more water. I was raised on sweet tea, in the capital city of cola products, honey. I can’t prove it, but I would dare to guess that sweet tea might have been found in a few of my bottles and sippy cups. I often heard that water “had no taste” or that it just wasn’t as satisfying, so what did I grow up to believe? You guessed it: water wasn’t “good.” How wrong was I? I still do not break out in a happy dance over water the way that I do over tea or coffee, but I make sure that I get in my needed hydration.

If you need more oomph and flavor, don’t reach for those advertised powders and drops. Try something new. You can flavor your water. My personal favorite is a cucumber and mint combination. You don’t have to race out to buy an infuser; you can put your natural selections directly into your pitcher or water bottle. No, it will never be as sweet as a tall glass of southern sweet tea, but your waistline will thank you.

2. Veggies. You know that we have to eat them, but they aren’t always as much fun to gobble down as other food items. I realize that not everyone will willingly drink kale and spinach in their smoothies. There are other ways to eat your vegetables without, you know, feeling as though you are eating your vegetables. I “hide” them in various dishes. For example, macaroni is never just macaroni. My mac & “cheese” (an allergy safe alternative) always includes green peas. Pasta sauce will always have extra veggies thrown in. Burger night? Top them with avocado. Lasagna? Layer in some eggplant or zucchini. Meatballs? Grind up mushrooms or black beans, and mix them into your meat, or you could leave out the meat (if you know what you’re doing, perfectly seasoned veggies will beat the meat every time!). Just get some vegetables in.

You now have 4 short, sweet, simple, and sneaky steps to add into your daily routines.  If you missed the first two, feel free to review.

Did you drink your water today?  Have you eaten any colorful veggies?  Do you have to fake out yourself or your family with your water and food?  Do you have any sneaky recipes?

I look forward to learning more ways to overhaul my food and fitness choices.  I wish you the best in your journey.


Until next time,


Today’s tunes are by special request– My Superkiddo’s request, of course. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “How to Sneak in Healthy Choices

  1. I’m a big proponent of water…when you are hungry, it’s often actually because you are thirsty!

  2. I am a water and tea drinker and my tea has no sugar. I like it bitter. I started that a couple of years a go and if i fall off the wagon I can feel the difference the next day. It makes that big of a difference for me.

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