Putting Mommy into Timeout


If your schedule looks anything remotely close to my own, then you cherish the slowed pace of the weekend. There aren’t less things to do; I simply do not have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get them done. I am working on deadlines this weekend, so I will get to curl up with my laptop and my favorite beverages all day and night 🙂

(I totally meant to publish this earlier in the day… umm… yeah…my schedule attacked me, and took over my life for the day 😉  )

I just might fit the definition of helicopter mom. I hover and swirl. My Superkiddo has such severe food allergies that I find it impossible to trust his care to anyone. It is rare that I spend much time away from him. My military, bald genius of a husband travels so much that I almost never want to break away from him. What’s a girl to do?  I found myself wound so tightly because I was constantly consumed with what I perceived my family needed me to be. I realized that I was running ragged.  This Mommy needed a timeout.

I had to start with baby steps.  There was no way that I would completely get away from my household. How could I? Eventually, I learned that I could not be the best wife and mom to my family if I was stressed out, and spread thinly. I have to make time for myself. I have to take a timeout. The rare occasions on which I actually venture out and get away from my nuclear family, are used to enjoy my favorite activities, as well as spend special time with my dearest friends.

I am learning that it isn’t selfish to make time for myself. Timeouts can help me to become healthier, stronger, and better in every area, so that I can manage all of the demands of my life better.

How do you regroup at the end of the week? Do you spend time as a family or couple? Do you find it difficult to make time for just yourself? What can you do for yourself this weekend?

Until next time,


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