Labels Matter #Yeson522

There are so many items on the to-do list, and my days often feel like I’m spinning on a hamster’s wheel.  I spend a great deal of time being the heroine military wife and mom, as well as juggling all things Just Jeanae – – writing assignments, PTSO meetings, learning music, carpool duties, swim team practice, playdate schedules…  whew! I need coffee just thinking about this…

Although my household requires proficient schedule juggling, I am determined to make our food choices a priority. Food choices?  A priority? Yes. Thanks to severe allergies, and our preferences for “REAL” food, I spend a bit more time reading the labels in the grocery aisles than many of my other parent friends.  I want to know what goes into the products that I’m expected to put into my body.  Have you ever wondered just how those ears of corn, apples, chicken legs, or other foods became so huge and colorful?  Well, I have.

I won’t profess to be an expert on all of the arguments for or against GMO‘s. I am just a mom who loves her family, and a woman who is concerned about her health.  I am standing with the people of Washington who are demanding to have their products labeled. Why? Because we should. If other countries are banning certain products, shouldn’t we at least have the right to refuse to consume them? 

I have been thinking about this lately:

  • American companies currently label exports that contain GMO’s. Why are these companies keeping the governments and citizens of other lands informed about what is in their food, but not showing the same level of concern and transparency with American citizens?
  • GMO apples, fish, and corn are currently saturating our marketplace.  This is scary! Truthful labeling would allow American consumers to make educated choices about which items to buy.
  • Although there are many ideas floating around, corporations that oppose honesty in labeling have yet to substantiate their claims that labeling GMO’s would increase the cost of our food.

Again, I am not a scientist or farmer, but I am an American consumer.  I care about the food supply for my child, as well as the other children in my community. I am standing with the people of Washington, and praying that more people become aware of the necessity to support our right to choose what foods to buy and consume.


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