#Fitcation13: A Sip of the Good Life


I am slowly working my way back into the reality of my life. You know — racing around like a mad woman, balancing the schedules of 2 mega busy dudes, and finding ways to spend more time in local coffee shops. Just one week ago, I was one of the bloggers who were blessed to spend a glorious weekend in San Luis Obispo County for Fitcation 13. This was not your grandma’s getaway; this was a weekend focused on food, fitness, health, and hilarious bonding. Here is a tiny glimpse of the fun…

I flew into LAX, and met up with friends and family for the drive to Paso Robles. We stopped for snacks at the most adorable family owned farmMurray Family Farms, in Bakersfield. These guys were not affiliated with Fitcation, but they were so darling that they deserved their own shoutout 🙂

Murray Family Farms

On the road to Paso

Downtown Paso Robles- Day 1: Our first evening was spent exploring, sampling, and shopping in a few Paso Robles shops.  We started at Pithy Little Wine Company, a darling store that was filled with local wines, sodas, and delectable products. I had my first taste of Pithy Soda, and I must say that I am in love! I was elated to find that they have clubs for their wine, soda, and table collections. I can now have this goodness shipped to my house!

IMG_5941[1] IMG_5942[1]IMG_5739[1]

Our next stop was the Brown Butter Cookie Company. They graciously provided gift bags of goodies, and offered samples of their signature cookies.  My husband, the Bald Genius, gave all of the cookies I purchased 2 thumbs up! Thanks to my allergies, I did not get to sample any of them.

IMG_5918[1] IMG_5914[1] IMG_5920[1] IMG_5747[1]

The General Store was where most of the Fitcation attendees caught up with each other for the evening. I was with the first group to arrive, but we couldn’t seem to leave the store. We lingered until the last group arrived. There was so much to see…and taste! The owners were so welcoming and informative. We found that the store was the perfect spot to mingle, browse, sample, and purchase.  I bought so much that they had to forward a box to my house!  I highly recommend a visit to their spices section. 

Our dinner was catered by Fig Good Food, included SIP Certified beverages, and was hosted by Studios on the Park. This dinner was amazing! I was so famished that I failed to get a picture of the food. You’ll just have to trust me: Fig Good Food proved that healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless, boring food. We had the opportunity to hear about the local artists who display their work at Studios, as well as hear from the amazing Kris Beal of SIP.

If you would like to know why you should look for SIP certified labels, here are just a few highlights of their program:

  • SIP certified vineyards and workers are dedicated to sustainable practices
  • Sustainable agricultural processes create such fertile soil that grapes are produced for many years
  • Support for the SIP Certified label also supports the land and people who create the products
  • SIP businesses produce quality products without depleting natural resources

Some participants elected to continue a tour of downtown Paso Robles after dinner.  My travel day began at 4:30 AM, so I gladly went back to our host hotel to rest.  Little did I know, but this was a smart move on my part.  My body was in for a major butt-kicking at bootcamp the next morning.

Digging Deep, Playing Hard – Day 2: We gathered at 7:30AM to start our day.  The first item on our agenda was a bootcamp led by Erin Kreitz Shirey at  Barney Schwartz Park. I met Erin the night before, and saw that she was bubbly, sweet, and very pregnant. I just knew that the bootcamp would be a breeze. How much hurt would a pregnant lady put on all of us? The answer is A TON! She didn’t hold back at all. It was a kick butt workout, and I loved it.  I must clarify, of course.  I loved the exercises; I did not love the wet grass, mud, earthworms… This was not a prissy girl’s workout.  We had to dig deep, and play hard!

We freshened up just in time to pile back into the vans, and take our next adventure.  The first stop was Castoro Cellars. We enjoyed an introduction to the property by Sales Manager, Luke, a catered lunch from Cahoots Catering, and a course in wine tasting from Stasi Seay of Unlock Wine.


IMG_5768[1] IMG_5774[1]IMG_5766[1]

Our next stop was Pasolivo, home of farm fresh olive oil. We took a hiking tour of the orchard, viewed the mill, and spent time in the tasting room.  I again spent so much in the tasting room, that I had to ship my purchases. So far, my household, and the few, choice friends I’ve allowed to taste them, are raving over the basil, lime, and rosemary oils. I signed up for the Press Club, and will receive selections of oils twice per year…I just hope that my stash can last between shipments!


IMG_5789[1] IMG_5806[1] IMG_5812[1]

We left Pasolivo for a short drive to Halter Ranch, and took a hiking tour. This 2,000 plus acre property is home of the ancient Ancestor Oak, one of the oldest known Live Oak trees in the world. We spent time touring the winery, and even visited one of the storage cellars.  Our tour lead us down toward the barn where Earth Footwear was waiting for us. We were treated to reflexology, beautiful shoes, and a lovely, locally harvested meal.

Grand Rooms, Picnics, & Detours – Day 3: IMG_5852[1]We began day 3 with a quick breakfast, and a mad dash to the vans. Our first adventure began at Hearst Castle, with historical footage, and a ride up La Cuesta Encantada (the enchanted hill), to the majestic home. We toured the grand rooms, pools, and grounds, and learn a bit of the history of the parties W R Hearst hosted.  If only those walls could talk…I am sure there are some really funny untold stories.  The property has never seen anything quite like Fitcation girlfriends unleashed:

IMG_5842[1]We recovered from our dance party, and headed to Leffingwell Landing for lunch. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to something (just what? Who knows), and it prevented me from experiencing the fun of yoga on the beach, and kayaking in Morro Bay. The Morro Bay Waterfront Grill welcomed a few of us into their beautiful waterfront spot to enjoy a few drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and cheer on our kayaking friends. We had a meet and greet with Morro Bay Tourism, complete with gift bags, while visiting the Morro Bay Yacht Club.IMG_5868[1]

Our final group outing led us to dine at Eatz in San Luis Obispo. We were treated with more SIP wines from Tolosa Winery, a solar, sustainable, estate. We enjoyed a lovely meal, and ended our night by exploring downtown San Luis Obispo.

I cannot praise enough the wonderfully warm welcome that I received while participating in Fitcation. A standing ovation should be given to Leah Segedie of Mamavation, and her behind the scenes team, Kris Beal, and all of the people and organizations that made this weekend possible. The sponsors provided so much swag that I had to purchase an additional suitcase! It was a fabulous trip, filled with phenomenal food, educational moments, and bonding with new and old girlfriends. I am already thinking of an excuse to pack up a few friends, and head back to the area. It was simply lovely, and gave me the most delicious sip of the good life.










Until next time,


Note: Fitcation events, activities, and swag bags were made possible by sponsors. The opinion expressed in this review is my own.

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