I Tried Wearing My Husband’s Pants

Yes, you read that correctly, but let’s start with the back story…

My husband and I were never one of those couples who wanted to show up to events in matching outfits. High 5 if you’re one of them; it was just never our thing. We started off as two skinny, high on life and love, lovebirds in our 20’s. There were occasions on which I’d steal his jogging pants or shorts when I went to the gym, and there was one Halloween when I wore an old, out of commission camo uniform, but this wasn’t a normal, daily thing for us to do.

Fast forward about 13 years… last year was crazy! Simply put: I hated where I was, and where I was hated me. I allowed my unhappiness to take a toll on my health. One random November morning, I was doing laundry, all of my jeans were in the washer, and I needed to run out for a quick errand. There was a pair of pants on the bed, so I grabbed them. They didn’t fit. They. DIDN’T. F-I-T! I was mortified. Sure, I knew that I hadn’t been as diligent in the gym that year, and most of my time at my desk had been consumed with stress snacking, but it never dawned on me just how bad off I was. I had to do something. I had to take charge, and stop this ridiculous lack of control.

Cue Mamavation. It didn’t seem to make sense. How could a virtual boot camp, or sharing my weight struggles with strangers, help me? Simply put? I tried everything else, and ultimately, those methods failed. If I wanted something badly enough, I would have to work for it, and try something new. Most of you already know how the story ended. I became a Mamavation Mom, got my butt kicked by Mark (@MrBookieboo) and my local personal trainer, Lisa (she’s CRAZY!), and lost over 40lbs. Yes, I did it! *snap snap snap*

The applications are open for Mamavation Mom, and several people have contacted me for my insight on applying. Mamavation didn’t ask me to write anything. I am doing this because I care. Even if I have never met you, I care about you and your health. This type of campaign isn’t for everyone; it is INTENSE. You cannot hold onto fear, pride, or a sense of entitlement if you expect to get results. You have to give it up, all of it. If you have tried everything else, and not been able to obtain your health and fitness goals, this may very well be the solution for you. If you put in the work, you will see results.

I know what you are thinking right now. Enough about Mamavation! Can you fit into your husband’s gym pants today? Well, I could, but they don’t complement my gorgeous rear end, so I don’t. HA! If I can transform my life, take command over my food choices, and step out of my fears, YOU CAN, TOO! If you are unhappy about any area of your life, make today the day that you change. Please do not start 2014 with another breakable resolution, or baggage from this year. Pull up your own big girl (or big boy) pants, and get to work. If you apply to be a Mamavation Mom, I will gladly cheer you on. If you find another method to jumpstart your road to fitness, I will still cheer you on. I want to see you meet your health and fitness goals. You really can get healthy once and for all. Go for it!

Until next time,

22 thoughts on “I Tried Wearing My Husband’s Pants

  1. Go Jeanae go! One of the funniest parts of losing weight for me has been my husband’s confusion doing laundry and trying to figure out which shirts are his and which are mine. I used to be a LOT bigger than him!

  2. You go girl! I really should apply to have some extra accountability. Right now, though, I just want to make it to next year. I have a couple of medical tests to “take” and will see what happens after that.

  3. Congrats! This story made me laugh – it reminded me of a time several years back when I grabbed a pair of jeans thinking they were mine, put them on, and they just felt funny – a little big in some places, a little small in others. I ended up wearing them for the day and only realized when I got home that they were my husbands! It was horrifying that they fit me… but then, my husband was a bit horrified, too. No because they fit in the waist, but because they were the right length. I am 5’2″ – he is 5″11. However, his length is almost all in his torso… his legs are short. Poor guy. 😉

  4. woot! What an inspiring story to share 🙂 I know when I lost 30 lbs. it was totally determination and perseverance and I did it because I wanted to. It’s true that no one can do it for you and you have to want it to do it!

  5. Congrats on your weight loss! I lost 25 lbs last year but then found out I was pregnant and have gained around 30. I’m hoping to become more healthy after I have my daughter in March. I could afford to lose around 50.

  6. Wow! I never really knew what Mamavation was — and you’re totally selling me on it. Sounds amazing! Thank you so much for being honest and sharing your story, it is so important to hear how other people can conquer weight loss!

    Very excited to be a part of your SITS tribe and get to know you more 🙂 ~Jenna

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