Wellness Wednesday & Take It Easy Thursday

I am still fighting a bout with a sneezing, coughing bug, as well as recovering from my hard drive’s recent revolt against the world of deadlines. Isn’t it pitiful how our days can turn downhill when our gadgets or health aren’t functioning at 100%? I am working my way back into a “normal” routine, but also appreciating the simplicity of slowing down.

How did we all become so busy? What is so important that we never have time for anything, or anyone? What is driving us to work so hard that we wear ourselves out? I honestly wish that I knew all of the answers, but I simply do not. So many moms find that being “too busy” or “on the go” are badges of mega mom status. I disagree, but I often fall victim to piling far too many activities onto my plate. I know the word NO, and I am sure that I mastered the use of it when I was a toddler. What is so difficult about saying that word these days?

slap me

slap me

Eventually, I will learn the art of saying NO, or at least learn to run and hide when the parent volunteer list is passed around (ha!).

I have to remind myself that my body needs rest. I simply cannot solve every problem in the world, and I am not effective as a wife and mom when I am stretched beyond my limitations. Our families need our undivided attention. Thanks to the convenience of technology, we may find that we forget how to politely pay attention. I caught myself editing a document while “listening” to someone. I stopped, apologized, and began to actively listen. Isn’t that what we would want someone to do if we were talking to them? It seems to be so simple, but it can be oh, so difficult to do.

We decided to try something in our household: no unnecessary technology , even if only for 1 day. I immediately panicked over this one! What if I get a request? What if I get an urgent text? WHAT IF….  Those are pretty dumb questions. Obviously we will return our text and email messages. The trick will be to only use our tablets, laptops, phones, and the like for necessary communication. I’m nervous already, but I am up for the challenge…umm, I think…

This may, or may not, become a standard thing for my household. We already have Macaroni Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Family Fun Night Fridays. Why not a Take it Easy Thursday? I may beg to bend the rule around 9PM EST…how can I NOT tweet during Scandal? Perhaps I need to stop thinking about tomorrow before I talk myself out of my first attempt at this. I will let you know how it goes…

Have you and your family ever attempted to disconnect, so that you could reconnect? Have you ever found yourself staring at a screen more than you do at a person’s face? What changes are you making in how your family interacts?

Until next time (but not this Thursday),


16 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday & Take It Easy Thursday

  1. I would definitely have trouble disconnecting for an entire day, especially since my job involves sitting at a computer. But maybe breaking it into chunks would help – having a tech-free lunch or dinner, or keeping our phones in a different room from the time we get home until after our son goes to bed. He’s definitely starting to notice our devices and would rather play with them than do something more active or engaging!

  2. I took on ridiculous amounts of work this month and it’s harder than heck for me to keep up with it all. I will be so glad to take some time off at the end of the month and just do nothing on the computer.

  3. We live in Alabama and a couple of years ago tornadoes forced us to be disconnected and powerless for 5 days. Thankfully it was in April, the weather was warm and work understood. We were lucky. Being disconnected and focusing on each other was and being thankful was wonderful. Sometimes, I imagine giving it all up for a simple, electronically disconnected life so that I can reconnect with what really matters.

  4. Awesome post! It can be hard sometimes to peel yourself away from the computer. I personally have to because I love social interaction in person. It is how I recharge. I plan it out so I have a good balance of both.

  5. Saying no is definitely a problem I have and someday I hope to learn how to say no without the guilt. As for disconnecting, in my house it would be hard to get everyone to do it because I have two on the Autism Spectrum that use technology to help them function.

  6. Recently, I had a friend cancel on me for an event that she had known about and RSVP’d (yes) for weeks beforehand. She cancelled and explained that she “had no choice” because someone contacted her needing a volunteer – since “none of the other parents had volunteered, she really couldn’t say no.”

    Of course, she is a good friend, and I know she doesn’t know how to say no. I understand the choice she made… but I do get annoyed when she says she “has no choice” every time she cancels on me or declines an invitation. The truth is she absolutely has choices and she makes a choice each time. All of the parents who said no also made their choices. I just think people need to OWN those choices!

    I volunteer for a lot of things because I like to be involved with my kids and their activities. At the same time, I do know my limits, and I am able to say no when I know I can’t do it all.

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