Resolution Revolution – Intent

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas week! We spent our time with family & friends, and now find that we may need a vacation just to recover from vacation! It took quite some time to clear out the “carnage” of wrapping paper and decor…Now we are preparing for New Year‘s Eve…

Speaking of New Year’s Eve… You see them every December 31st: diet ads, gym discounts, life coach clichés, and hoards of people declaring how the next year will be better than the last. Do they make it? Some do; most do not. Why? Because changing our lifestyles will require so much more than words, and most of us aren’t really willing to do the work. So, what do we do? STOP MAKING RESOLUTIONS! Really? Yes, really.

I wish that a magic pill existed for some situations (who wouldn’t want a magic pill for laundry?), but the truth is we have to work for what we want. If your goal is to get healthier in the new year, guess what…you will have to work for it. If your goal is to get your finances in better shape, improve your marriage, grades, or whatever, you already know the drill.

I will start 2014 by doing the same work that revolutionized 2013, & my lifestyle: being intentionally focused during my time with family & friends, being intentional with my workouts (no matter what!), and intentionally controlling what I allow into my household’s food. These aren’t resolutions; these are tools that I cultivated until I saw results. They appear to be simple on the surface, but they can require sacrifice to maintain.

Intentional Focus on Family:
I started to notice that my 6 yr old Superkiddo always wanted a gadget in his hand. It didn’t matter what kind – Leap Pad, iPad, iPod, random handheld game; he would simply settle for a gadget. Requests would be made in the car, while walking through a store, and at the dinner table. I had to stop, & ask myself WHY… He daily witnessed the adults around him texting, typing, reading, etc on devices. Most of his friends are focused on electronics. We now have to make the effort to communicate without the interruptions and distractions from our phones. It can be difficult. My hubby is a techie; he has to stay connected. Almost all of my writing gigs are remote; I have to stay connected. HOWEVER the most important connections that I can ever have on planet earth will always be with my loved ones.
We started out by taking 1 day per week to intentionally eliminate non essential use of our electronic devices, and to communicate face to face. As much as I love my e-reading app, I found that I needed to get back into the habit of reading actual books. Why? So that my kiddo would again prefer them over reading on his tablet. Our #TechNoThursday pledge may expand into other days, but for now, it is working well for us.

Intentional Workouts
If you run, or frequent the gym often, you probably encountered what I call “gym ruts”. The routines became just actions of habit (although it isn’t awful to make workouts your second nature), and you no longer found joy, or results, from them. This is NOT what I want at all! Every workout, every run, will have purpose and goals.
I am quite fortunate to have access to some of the most amazingly compassionate and knowledgeable professionals in the health and fitness industry. It can be inspiring, but I can also get comfortable, so I have to consistently challenge myself.

I will start 2014 with another 2 week challenge through Mamavation, endure the torture from my favorite local trainer, and begin prep for a certain marathon (I will post which one when I have the confirmation that I made the cut!).  I am so excited!

Intentional “food warrior”

If anyone in your household has even 1/8 of the allergies that my Superkiddo suffers from, then you know the importance of reading every label, on everything, every time.  The more that I read labels, I find that many store-bought foods contain all sorts of chemicals (that I can’t even pronounce!). I believe that our food source should be as clean and pure as possible.  I am sure that if my family lived on 100 acres of farmland, that I could possibly determine all components of our food source, but we don’t.  I live in small town USA – I have to drive to another region to shop at Whole Foods, or frequent one of my favorite allergy-safe restaurants. What can I do on a normal, daily basis?

I started by saying NO to GMO‘s, and supporting organizations that do the same. This can limit the brands that I support, but it also limits the amount of experimental crud that we ingest. It should scare, and enrage you to see how our food source has become an experiment, and turned our children into lab rats! I also started working on becoming a better gardener. You won’t find me driving a tractor (not yet lol), or selling our harvest at the farmer’s market, but our goal is to grow more of our own food, and continue to educate Superkiddo on the wonders of doing so.

In 2014, I will remain vigilant in my pursuit of the purest, safest foods possible, and continue to support campaigns such as Laboratory Lunch. Don’t just take my word for it, do your own research, and find how much of your food source has been altered. I hope that you will then join with the countless parents and physicians who are taking a stand against the selfish, cruel, and cowardly corporations who’d rather that you remain unaware of what chemicals and side-effects await you in their products.

I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to read the little blog that could (HA!). I am still growing, gaining momentum, and learning daily. Opportunities continue to pour in, and connections are being made. You are included in the many successes I experienced in 2013. Your feedback, and sharing of my work, enabled me to extend my reach. I do not take it lightly. You are very much loved, and appreciated! Stay tuned for the great things ahead in 2014! You can stay in the loop by subscribing, hanging out & following my Facebook page, tuning into Twitter & Google+, & popping over to Pinterest. I have so much to share with you, and I look forward to doing so.

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Until next time,

21 thoughts on “Resolution Revolution – Intent

  1. I feel strong while reading your words…I love that “Intentional” moments and I plan to borrow this idea and add it to my own life. I also love to have now encountered another runner. My running has become blah, which it typically does when I move it indoors during the winter months, but that idea of every run have a purpose makes a great deal of sence. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Being intentional and present is hard – even harder as a mother, I think! Kudos to you for making a go of it in 2013, and all the best for 2014. And if you find that magic pill for laundry, will you puleeez share? This mama HATES laundry.

  3. I need to visit here more often. Your spirit lifts me. I love the focus on “intentional.” I think I’m going to have to add that to my vocabulary this year!

  4. We live in such a “microwave” society that everyone wants instant gratification! You’re right, we do have to be intentional about our efforts. WE can’t just expect results to come without the work!

    Have a happy new year!

  5. Oooohhh….I need to check out Laboratory Lunch because that falls in line with the direction I am going to take my blog in 2014. (I just read the book The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien – Yikes! We are guinea pigs for big agri-business, IMO.) Anyway…I am used to hearing “You have not because you ask not.” My new personal motto is that “I have not because I work not.”

    Hope 2014 is incredible for you!

  6. I love, love, LOVE this post! I always have a hard time sticking with resolutions, but I like your approach. I plan to definitely live with intention. May make meeting my goals easier!

  7. “Intention” is a great word for it – you’ve got concrete plans for achieving your goals, which is more than the majority of people who start every year with new resolutions.

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