#Spon: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

I am so excited that I get to try Debbie Lillard’s new book!

If your 2013 was anything like mine, then you are welcoming ways to keep your schedule and home office organized. Debbie gets it. She wrote this book from the perspective of a busy mom. It should be quite the adventure to tame the wild jungle of my home office. I will use the tips found in a Mom’s Guide to Home Organization, and post a parent’s review. Perhaps my home office will undergo a similar transformation:



Wish me luck; I’m going in 🙂

Stay tuned, & Happy Saturday!

Receipt of this product is for the purpose of facilitating a review. My opinions on all products are always my own, and not influenced by any other factors.

12 thoughts on “#Spon: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

  1. I will definitely be following this. I am one of those people who “cleans up” for parties at the house by moving all of the junk upstairs. I never let people tour the whole house … or open any closet doors. 😉

    I definitely need to declutter and get organized.

    • HA! When I 1st returned to work, after the birth of my son, I was SO worn out. I swear that I was 1 load of laundry away from staring in my own episode of Hoarders.

      The office? I can at least blame half of it on my uber techie, can’t throw a device away, hubby. That’s my story, and I am sticking to it 🙂

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