Where in the world Wednesday & #TechNoThursday

Where in the world has the time gone?

How is your week going? Are you keeping up with the promises that you made to yourself?

As many of you may know, I am working through revamping my home office thanks to a new book. This organization project will take some time, trust me. This room has elements, AND STUFF, from all members of our household, but I am making progress. I look forward to sharing results with you…hopefully soon 🙂 What I appreciate most about the book so far is that the author gets how busy moms can be.

Speaking of busy, do you ever get to the end of your day, and wonder where in the world the time has gone?  I find that I have so many items on my agenda, and often not enough time to get to everything. This made me reevaluate what I am allowing onto my schedule, as well as what distractions I welcome into my day.  I received many questions about my family’s attempt to institute TechNoThursday recently, so I thought that I would take a quick moment to address the most common theme.

“I cannot disconnect for an entire day”  We can’t either, and I never suggested that you do so.  Our phones aren’t turned off; the tablets aren’t in the freezer.  We simply choose to put them aside, and STOP STARING AT THEM throughout conversations, outings, and meals.  I noticed that many people in restaurants, shops, and even church, have their faces buried in their phones (& yes, we can all tell the difference between your Bible app & your favorite social media apps lol). Yesterday I watched a mom fuss at her kid because he was interrupting…wait for it… as she attempted to update her status on her phone. She looked at me, and said, “I have so little time to catch up with my friends.” Wow! If you cannot answer your loved one, due to an overwhelming need to check your phone every few moments, you might have a major problem.  My desire with TechNoThursday is to help bring back a level of civility, communication, and COMMON SENSE that can get lost when we are all staring at a device, and not looking at each other.

This isn’t meant to be preachy, and I am not against technology (I love all of my gadgets!), but I think that we all could use a dose of good, old-fashioned human interaction. I have no idea if TechNoThursday will extend beyond my household, but I truly hope that it does. Will  you catch me with my phone and e-reader in public? Of course. Will you catch me ignoring my husband, child, or loved ones for them? I intentionally try not to do so, so I sincerely hope that you wont.  Can I teach my child to appreciate technology, but to also be able to communicate effectively face to face? I can only do so if I am being the best example, and doing it myself.

Where in the world will all of the time go for your week? Will you make time for yourself and your loved ones? Will you reach the end of this week (or month, or year) with a sense of accomplishment for completed tasks, or bewilderment over the “lost” time? What can we all do to make the best of our time? I hope to learn more about this (and apply it) daily. This, like so many other of my lifestyle projects, is a work in progress.  I hope that you’ll stick around for the journey.

Until next time,



17 thoughts on “Where in the world Wednesday & #TechNoThursday

  1. Both my husband and myself work online so a no tech (any weekday) isn’t feasible – but I can definitely appreciate the idea. We do have weekend outings with the kids where nothing is with us except the phones for emergency. It’s super hard with a 16 year old because he is constantly on his phone, but I think he’ll come to appreciate it as he gets older. At least I hope so!

  2. Good for you! Love this idea. We have a “no tech” policy for all meals and you are so right about people constantly having their faces buried in their phones..instead of talking to the actual people in the room.

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean! When I go out with friends or family or on a date with my boyfriend, I try to make it a point to keep my cell phone off the table so I will actually engage with them. I think too many people snap pictures to immediately post on Instagram or deem it necessary to update their Facebook or Twitter as soon as something happens just to prove that they’re living interesting lives. I would rather actually enjoy my life rather than try to prove to everyone that my life is good.

  4. Yes I feel like everyday seems shorter than the day before, but this year I am do much better with prioritizing my time. Hopefully that means I will get to sleep at a decent hour lol :). Thanks for sharing

  5. We’re limiting our tech, too. Especially for my kids. There are times when I have to be on the computer for work, but even I often overuse it, spending a good portion of my day just staring at the screen.

  6. With 2 of our kids on the Autism Spectrum no technology is hard for us since they need it but my parents have a vacation house in Wisconsin that we just got back form a week ago. The kids can go swimming indoors there and spend almost all of their time doing that. Each time we go there it does take them away form their technology some and that is good.

  7. My husband and I had a date about a month ago. At one point during dinner, my husband asked me if I wanted to stare at my phone and ignore each other like everyone else in the restaurant was doing. It was horrible how many people were not talking but looking at their phones.

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