Tresses & #TechNOThursday

Let’s talk about hair for a few moments… My hairstylist recently whipped out the blow dryer, and completely stunned me. I haven’t been aware of the length of my hair because it has been either braided, twisted, or curly for several months. Why? I have been “growing out” my hair after ending relaxers.  My decision to do so was met with mixed reviews. Most of the negative things said were “braids aren’t professional” or “your hair is too frizzy to forgo relaxers.”  Did the comments hurt or stop me? Nope.

This has been quite the interesting journey for me. I had no idea that so many people placed an emphasis on hair. It is just hair. Really, it is. Little did I know that there were so many negative beliefs about “natural” African-American hair. Just in case you didn’t know, all hair is not the same. Some people have one, or a combination of, naturally wavy, straight, curly, frizzy, thin, thick textures… None of these descriptions denote  whether their hair is good or bad; however, there has been a perception that only certain types are acceptable, professional, or good. My hair? It is, without question, naturally thick and frizzy. That can make home styling a challenge, and it was one of the reasons that I continued relaxing for so long.

Why did I stop? I wanted a lifestyle that was as chemically free as possible.  I began changing the types of foods that were going into my body, and then I took a look at the items that were going onto my body. Have you ever read the lists of ingredients in relaxers? Scary!  A few health challenges caused me to race away from the land of relaxers, and I haven’t looked back. Here is a glimpse of my almost 19 month journey from a fun, sassy relaxed bob (center), to curly, twisty, frizzed out, and the bottom right, blown out.  What will I do with my hair next? I am not certain of the style, but I am positive that I will continue to steer clear of unnecessary chemicals.

hair evolution

In other news… It is Thursday, so you know what that means for my house: Tech NO Thursday! This afternoon, we will begin with Superkiddo’s after school activities, and then proceed with our phone-free time and dinner together. I am noticing that the more that I select actual books, and put away my e-reader, Superkiddo stops asking to play on a tablet  or phone as much.  A few friends have also instituted phone/tablet-free nights in their homes, and they are discovering so many new ways to connect as a family, and enjoy their time together. Why do I encourage Tech NO Thursday so much? I know that the demands of life, and the distractions of our many gadgets, can prevent us from fully enjoying our time with loved ones.  We need to give our attention to our spouses, kids, and loved ones, and show them how much they matter. We simply cannot do that if our eyes are focused on a screen, and not upon their faces.

What fun plans do you have for tonight, and the weekend? I wish you wonderful moments with your family and friends. Take some time to connect, and enjoy them.

Until next time,


14 thoughts on “Tresses & #TechNOThursday

  1. I usually only relax about two times a year if that. More when I live in the city less now that we’re back in the country. I just hate dealing with my roots. They are so bad they hurt to pick, comb or brush, that’s usually when I give in and relax it.

  2. Jeanae, I can relate to your story of your transition. My transition occurred a bit differently however, my decision to return my hair to its natural state led me to take into account other things I was exposing myself and my family to that were filled with chemicals and potentially harmful to us. I also love the idea of NO Tech Thursday. I would love to try it but I may have difficulty getting DH on board! LOL

  3. I have a few friends wow recently stopped relaxing their hair and they say it’s the best thing they have done for their hair.

    I agree about the tablets and phones. I made my son take a break from them and today when I let him play with it he wasn’t very interested.

  4. We try to limit the tablet, phone and tv use but I like your idea of taking a break for an entire day. Sometimes we do this on Saturday but I would like to make it a weekly occurrence.
    Your hair looks great!

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