#spon Sneaky Fiber

Many thanks to BzzAgent and Fiber One for the opportunity to review this product. My receipt of free product was for the purpose of a facilitating a review.

Fiber One has an offering of three flavors in their meal bars: Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Dark Chocolate Almond, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. These are exciting flavors, and let’s face it, this is certainly not your grandma’s version of fiber! I am not a fan of peanut butter, but my hubby, the Bald Genius, gives this one 2 thumbs up. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Only a crazy person, that’s who. If you are a little nuts, or feeling guilty about consuming chocolate (that’s crazy!), you can soothe your guilt with a Strawberry Greek Yogurt meal bar. You can fit an alternative bar into the diet of your busy day, and make sure that you are getting a fair amount of protein and fiber.  I applaud General Mills for this.


What would make these bars spectacular? Just as General Mills has taken the pledge to eliminate GMO’s from one of their cereals, it would be lovely to do the same with the meal bars. Moms (and dads) on the go will appreciate the options for quick meals. Health conscious parents could benefit from GMO-free bars, as well as some allergy-free choices.  I hope that General Mills will expand their non GMO dedication to their Fiber One brand.

If you are looking for a quick, tasty way to add fiber into your diet, there’s no need to grab grandma’s gritty drink mix or supplements.  Fiber One meal bars may just be the solution that you’re seeking. Try them out, and you just may discover a new favorite flavor.


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4 thoughts on “#spon Sneaky Fiber

  1. My husband hate these, but I didn’t think they were so bad when I tried them in the past. That’s great that they’re steering away from GMOs. Hopefully, many more companies will jump on board.

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