#Review: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

Thanks so much, Space to Spare, for the opportunity to try Debbie Lillard’s new book!

If your efforts to work from home have been anything like mine, then you are welcoming ways to keep your schedule and home office organized. Author Debbie Lillard wrote this book from the perspective of a busy mom, and provides practical tips for getting things organized and under control. It was quite the undertaking to tame my home office, and it is still a work in progress. I look forward to posting photos upon the completion of construction. Construction? What construction? Well, we purchased shelving and storage solutions from everyone’s favorite Swedish store (you know which one, but they aren’t sponsoring this post, so I am not giving them credit), and will need to get them installed.  We also donated several bags and boxes of books, decor, and toys (yes, toys) to charity.

The book spends time focusing on the typical time demands for moms – from feeding schedules to household chores, and gives ideas for organizing time to get everything done. Some of the tips may work for many moms, but I would think that very few of us truly have an entire weekday to dedicate to only one task. If I could give one takeaway from A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization, it would be to make time for the space that I want. If I only have 20 minutes today, then I should use those 20 minutes in the most productive, fruitful method possible.  I made the time to focus on my projects, see the big picture, and dissect it into manageable portions. This guaranteed completion and satisfaction with the outcome. Organization is not a one-time event, but rather a series of consistent decisions and actions that yield a desired result.

I think that all moms could benefit from the tips that are shared in this book, and would find ways to make their days easier.  You can find a copy on Amazon, and see for yourself.


Many thanks again to Space to Spare, and US Family Guide for the opportunity to review this book.  I can see that it is one that I will use for many years to come!


Receipt of this product was for the purpose of facilitating a review. My opinions on all products are always my own, and not influenced by any other factors.

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7 thoughts on “#Review: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

  1. I like the idea of a book that focuses on organization for moms. Sounds like it would have info that isn’t in the typical home organization book. We are in the process of trying to build some shelves for our house, so maybe I will pick up the book and give some of the organization tips a try, too.

  2. Organization is a constant battle in our house especially because of the kids. Each year there is a new sport to organize the equipment, school folders, etc. We have the rule, if something comes in, something has to go out.

  3. I tend to waste time because I only have a few minutes, and don’t want to start a project. Sounds like the book has good advice for getting the most from your time.

  4. I have to break down tasks into chunks – looking at something at the “project” scale overwhelms me, and I typically don’t have time to do a whole project all at once anyway. By breaking the project down into its component parts, I can get a little bit done here and there in the time I have and I’m spurred to do more because I’m making forward progress.

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