Did You Inhale?

I hate cleaning! When I say hate, I mean HATE! But I hate clutter, dust, dirt, and germs even more. Imagine my shock when I learned that my favorite cleansers were affecting my health. It wasn’t a fun revelation. I noticed that whenever we had the floors, bathrooms, or kitchen done, that I would suffer from terrible headaches. What was I supposed to use? Is your house clean if it doesn’t smell like lemons, or pine, or some other favorite scent? I screamed NO! Of course, I was wrong, but ya know… Everyone involved in cleaning our home thought that I was nuts (well, no surprises there), and showed reluctance to trying anything new. Switching products helped me to be able to actually walk into my house, and stay in it, while it is being cleaned.

It is fascinating, and scary, how easy it is to create toxic households. I thought about the “yucky” labels that teachers passed around when I was a kid. You were supposed to place a sticker onto all of the “dangerous household chemicals” found in your cabinets. The stickers would be a reminder that the items were poisonous, and that local poison control should be called if the contents were ingested.  What our teachers failed to inform us was that it was just as dangerous to inhale the fumes from these products.

Have you ever read the list of ingredients on your favorite cleansers? I will give you a list of what is in one of the cleansers that my family has used for years:
Sodium Hypochlorite
Dimethicone/Silica/PEG Distearate Antifoam
Lauramine Oxide
Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Silicate

Here are the ingredients in one of our current cleansers:
Thyme Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Citric Acid
Sodium Citrate

Is there any surprise that I had headaches? Thankfully, we switched to all natural products before the arrival of my son. I cannot imagine how his allergies could have handled the onslaught of science experimental fumes in the house. What are the biggest differences between the two choices? I don’t need to research the ingredients, and I can actually breathe, when using the second cleanser. It is plain to see which bottle is the clear winner, and the best choice for my household.

I am still learning about how to clear the air, and rid my home and lifestyle from as many toxins as possible. It isn’t the easiest challenge that I have ever faced, and it isn’t always the most applauded or understood. You won’t find me mixing my own cleansers with vinegar and essential oils, at least not yet. But you will find me researching, questioning, and testing everything that I can. Why? Because I believe that we have the right to know what ingredients are being used in our food and products, and to only accept the healthiest options possible. One of our household mission statements includes the words: invest today into what you’ll be grateful for tomorrow. I want to be grateful for creating a healthy legacy for my family, and contributing to a healthier planet. It starts with taking the smallest steps: investigating labels, deciding to make changes, and sticking with those changes.

I wish you a wonderful week of love, laughter, and health.

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Did You Inhale?

  1. I do have a sensitivity to a lot of the fumes of cleaning products. I try and steer clear of some of them, but I’m not completely at the point where I’m buying green or natural products exclusively.

  2. I’m all about finding cleaners with less chemicals. I would use vinegar if it wouldn’t cause my hubs to freak out, he thinks if the house doesn’t smell like chemicals then it’s not clean.

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