Wacky Hair & #TechNoThursday

My natural hair journey has not been without crazy moments. It is a good thing that I rarely take myself too seriously because my hair can bring oodles of comedy.This is what happens when you go to the stylist for a curly mohawk, it rains for 2 days, and you spend time cheering on your kid at the indoor pool:

It becomes a curly mess!

It becomes a curly mess!

Holy humidity hair, batman! I will have to find a way to tame this mass of curls before I can go out, and attack my agenda for the day. It is Thursday, so we will enjoy our post school activities, and slow it down by putting away our phones.  I look forward to this night each week. It gives us time to intentionally focus on each other, and embrace live without unnecessary distractions.  TechNoThursday is a hit with this household.

Whatever you do, and wherever this week may take you, please remember to take some time to enjoy your loved ones.

Until next time,



15 thoughts on “Wacky Hair & #TechNoThursday

  1. While I loved our time living in the south, I hated the humidity and trying to flat iron my hair. After the first year battling I just gave up. Ended up doing half ponies, bandanas, and lots of gel to keep it held down. Have a great week.

  2. I have naturally curly, thick, frizzy hair myself and yeah. I’ve definitely had some bad hair days! That’s why I usually just say forget it and put it up in a ponytail.

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